3 point slinger for camera

5 Best 3 Point Slinger For Camera

Sunsets are amazing to watch, the calmness and beauty at the time of a sunset are soothing to the innermost core of your soul. In all this solace, the photographer in you wants to capture the sunset. But then your DSLR is heavy and it comes with many problems, how to carry it? If I’ll drop it? The actual strap swings a lot and puts you in a fear of dropping it. You desperately need a strap that can hold your camera so you can travel, hike, and move freely. But there exists one thing that can end all your fears and have you capture the best shots anywhere.

What is 3 Point Slinger for Camera?

A 3-point slinger as the name suggests has 3 points of contact. The camera is attached to one point but they attach your body in a variety of ways. The strap connects the camera at the base and goes over your one shoulder and body. It provides a firm attachment to your camera with your body.

Benefits you can get with a 3 Point Slinger for Camera

If you are a person who loves hiking and riding and with that, you also have a taste for photography. Then it can aid you in many ways. It is strongly firmed and provides easy movement to your camera so you can instantly capture the moment without getting into trouble with the strap. It is light weighted and easy to transport your camera. Moreover, its design helps you carry it safely and with full protection. Your neck straps are non-padded and they provide discomfort when you put them around your neck. On the other hand, the point slinger for the camera has a padded shoulder strap and is 100 times more comfortable than your neck straps. Lastly, it has adaptability and security with it.

Best 3 Point Slinger for Camera

Ocim Camera Sling Strap:

ocim camera sling strap

Ocim camera sling strap has a wide and thick shoulder strap to provide comfort and convenience. Here you won’t have the troubles that you previously faced with the neck strap. It also comes with a security tether. This means it is going to preserve the shoulder strap in its place and will not allow it to move around your shoulder freely. It is quick release and helps you take all the shots while walking or hiking. Due to its comfort level, you can put it on your whole day. It is breathable and will not suffocate or irritate you. You can adjust it according to your body size and comfort level. Usually, it comes in an adjustable size from 20 to 31.5in.


It is the most simple and comfortable point sling for your camera. With its air mesh padded and overall design helps you in reducing pressure by the camera weight. To provide you with quick adjustments it has a buckle. There is a screw-in-plate for fastening the camera. It also comes with an underarm stabilizer making it the best choice for going on hiking or capturing sports shots. It allows you to carry your camera for the whole day and strenuous shoots. With a standard secure screw lock of ¼”, it comes in compatibility with Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, and many more.


PuiQ min

It is a shoulder strap with a pocket in it. The pocket isn’t too large and is in the shoulder pad. It provides you with extra room to store batteries. This shoulder pad is also comfortable and with less complex design. It does not have an underarm stabilizer and covers a small part of your shoulder. For attachment to the tripod screw, it has a rubber-backed plate. It provides you with a wide range of adjustability. Due to its less intricate design, you can have it with you at indoor functions like weddings, conferences, and parties. Where it will provide you with the best adaptability to capture shots for several hours

Black Rapid Hybrid:

black rapid hybrid

As the name suggests, it is a 3-point slinger for more than 1 camera. It can provide attachment to 2 cameras at a time. The hybrid sling allows you to carry 2 cameras, one on the right side of your body and the other one on the left side of your body. The availability of two cameras also provides rapid adjustment to both of them. It has comfort and protection. The shoulder pad will not irritate you like the neck strap and will not flop around. The two cameras will cling to your front side of the body which means you can carry a bag at the back. This comes when you are on a professional shoot of a brand, where you have to try more than one camera to assure the quality. The bag is to store extra cameras and batteries. You can also take it with you when are traveling to another country. Where in the bag are your other essentials and cameras to capture the beauty of that country?



Foto&tech 3-point slinger comes with a strong shoulder pad having an underarm stabilizer. It can carry the heavy weight of your camera easily. It is adjustable according to the comfortability of the photographer. It comes with a lockable carabiner that attaches to the strap. This lockable carabiner provides safety reassurances. You can use it for indoor functions such as weddings, parties, and ceremonies. You can also take it for brief hiking.

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