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How Do I Choose the Perfect Laptop for AMD Gaming?

Choosing a amd gaming laptop is not an easy and demanding task. The ideal gaming laptop must have high performance and high-quality graphics, otherwise you will not be able to play at maximum quality settings.

The PC goes beyond the usual gaming console and allows you to push the boundaries for just about anything. To be perfectly accurate, gaming desktops still rule laptops. They have both high-end components and the power needed to play at 4K resolution. They have the ability to customize demanding VR like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

That still doesn’t mean there isn’t room for gaming laptops. They are portable, which gives them an edge over a PC. If you want to carry your device with you, then you will surely love a budget laptop for gaming.

Among mobile processors for gaming laptops, models from Intel have long been in the lead. However, today the situation has changed dramatically – a revolutionary line of AMD Ryzen processors has appeared on the market, which has changed the balance of power.

AMD Ryzen Processor:

AMD processors for gaming laptops are just as powerful as Intel’s offerings, and some models even outperform their direct competitors. At the same time, their cost is traditionally lower, so gaming laptops based on AMD Ryzen provide excellent performance at an affordable price. For this reason, many gamers tend to buy an AMD processor in Almaty.

The younger AMD Ryzen 3 line is suitable for entry-level gaming laptops.

Ryzen 5 series processors are a versatile “base” option, and advanced models are equipped with AMD Ryzen 7. The

Video cards are the second most important component after the processor. For example, this is Ryzen 5 3400G BOX RX Vega Graphics with 4 cores / 8 threads. This is a great choice for a budget gaming PC (although this processor is ideal for purely office tasks).

In order to fully enjoy the game, AMD enthusiasts can opt for a laptop with a discrete graphics card. For example, the Radeon RX 580 performs well. In the case of Nvidia, you should be interested in gaming laptops with GeForce GTX 1060, GTX 1660, RTX 2060 or GTX 1070 graphics cards, which will allow you to play Full HD with average graphics quality. If you want to get the best quality, we recommend choosing the flagship GTX 1080, RTX 2070 or 2080 cards.

For a complete immersion in gaming reality, choose a laptop with 16 GB of RAM. 8 GB is simply not enough for many new games. On the other hand, you should not overpay for 32 or more gigabytes of RAM, such volumes are needed only for professional editors of graphics and video content.

An AMD-based gaming laptop should only be equipped with an SSD solid state drive. It provides high-speed access to data, more reliable and more durable than a traditional HDD. The optimal storage for gaming is 256 GB.

The screen matrix is ‚Äč‚Äčanother important choice factor. The best option is a laptop with a 15-17 inch display with at least Full HD resolution.

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