could not communicate with your google home mini

How to Fix It When You Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini?

Google Home Mini Setup is the App available on Google Play. It helps you in connecting various devices with voice control. Connectivity issues are always worst. Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing the message of could not communicate with your google home mini. When you need it the most and it suddenly stops working, you will become worried and frustrated. For a wonderful and hustle-free experience, you do not need to restart the device after every few hours. 

Hardware issues can also be the cause of the error message. If you are facing the same issue again and again, here we will tell you how to fix this that Chromecast could not communicate with your Google Home Mini error. 

12 Ways to Fix Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini Error

Ways to Fix Could Not Communicate with Your Google Home Mini Error

The could not communicate with your Google Home Mini error message has many reasons, so the following are the few points you have to keep in mind while dealing with this issue.

1. Restart your device

The first solution to this problem is rebooting your Google Home Mini and its router. For this purpose, you will have to unplug it for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds plug it again and check. This will help you for sure. 

2. Check software updates 

For playing Google Home you will have to check whether your software needs an update or not. If you are trying to use Google Home from android mobile then it must have Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. The android tablets must need Android 6.0 for working. For Apple users, the minimum software requirement is iOS 11. 

3. Use authentic accessories

Always use the adapter and power cable that comes with your Google Home. Do not ever connect it with the local USB, USB input of your TV, or socket of USB from another device. 

4. Be in range of WiFi

Always sit near your router. Make sure that your WiFi must be available in the area where you are present. Do not forget to find out the reason for boosting the WiFi signal. 

5. Updating of Google Home App

Do not forget to update your Google Home Mini to the latest version. Always find out a way to update your App on android and iOS. 

6. Uninstalling your Google Home App

Sometimes there must be an issue in connecting to Google Home App. For solving this issue tries to uninstall the App from your device. Then again install it after restarting your device. 

7. Turning on the Bluetooth

If your Google Home Mini continues to show could not communicate error then turn on your Bluetooth. For this purpose reboot your Google Home App. Go to the settings of your device and turn on the Bluetooth. After that turn on the Bluetooth from Google Home App. The Bluetooth connection will become successful.

8. Turning on the Airplane Mode

Turn on the airplane mode on your device, this will solve the error of communicating. After few seconds turn on the Wi-Fi on your mobile manually. Open the Google Home Mini and start connecting it with your mobile. 

9. Forget your Wifi Network

This is also an important way of solving the error of communicating. Forget the connected wifi from your mobile and then again connect it. This will help in resolving the could not communicate with your Google Home Mini error.

10. Check the account

If you are already connected to the Google Home App and still receive the message of error then check the linked account. Whether the account is logged in or not? If no then add the account that is original and then connect it to your Google Home Mini.

11. Check the number of Connected Devices to WiFi

If your wifi device restricts the number of connected devices then this will become the issue too. If you are not sure about this then go to the settings of the Wifi modem and check there. After that connect the Google Home Mini, it will then connect successfully.

12. Reset Goggle Home Mini

If your Google Home App could not communicate with your Chromecast then resetting is the solution. For that purpose press the tiny button on the lower side of your Google Home Mini for 15 seconds. Google Assistant will reset the device without any problem.

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