Do A Barrel Roll

Do A Barrel Roll Fast And How Many Times

A Goggling Easter egg technique is to do a barrel roll. You may do this trick by going to Google and typing in do a barrel roll repeatedly. Below is a detailed explanation of the subject.

What does it mean “Do a Barrel Roll”?

Everyone who has ever used the Internet has had some sort of interaction with Google. Google now offers a variety of services. But there came a time when it began. Its most fundamental function was that of a search engine. People come here to search the internet for the info they need. After starting with simple searches, Google has now embarked on a series of initiatives to entertain its consumers.

Google offers games such as Google Snakes, Google Guitar, and Pac-Man to keep its users entertained. When the user has free time, he or she can play Google Games. “Do a Barrel Roll” or “Z or R twice” is a Google technique to keep its users entertained. Google presents search results on a spinning web page by employing the Google Barrel Roll technique. This means that the user’s display will start turning while the search results page is loaded. Based on your browser, the internet explorer should have flipped over counterclockwise, as if completing a barrel roll, if everything went well. If you Google “Z or R” repeatedly, you’ll get the same result. Why does it make references to a legendary Nintendo game? 

Star Fox, a Nintendo 64 game, is typically connected with the term. Star Fox featured pilot Fox Fox and his squad as they defended the Lylat system in the Star Fox series. The defensive team might conduct the barrel roll by double hitting the L or R buttons in the Super Nintendo game. With a sentence displayed on the screen, Peppy Hare, one of the game characters, would encourage the player to “Do a Barrel Roll.”

Google Do a Barrel Roll  

The same “Barrel Roll” gimmick employed in the Nintendo 64 game Star Fox was used by Google. However, this method only works if you use Google to search for conduct a barrel roll or Z or R twice, which is ZZ or RR. This rotates the entire page 360 degrees. You will do fun for the 5 seconds. If a player is riding a motorcycle, it will instead do a Tilt Jump. In the same way, look for askew to get a slanted site layout. It appears to have no other function or objective than to be a cool trick to impress your friends and family.

This method works on any platform, including desktop laptop, and mobile devices, as well as any browser such as Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox. Simply go to and type in “tilt” or “barrel roll” or “Z or R” twice.

Repeat the Barrel Roll – Z or R twice.

What if you want to make this barrel roll trick even more entertaining? As far as you can tell, this method rotates the homepage once each search. But if you want to do it again or three times? Yes, you are correct.   twice. On Google, you can’t barrel roll twice, or Z or R twice at the same time. If you want it twice, use the same query each time. 

Do a Barrel Roll 10 times

If you wish to flip the screen by 360 degrees 10 times, do a Barrel Roll 10 times. The method to accomplish a backflip 10 times is to complete a barrel roll 10 times. It’s also quick enough to accomplish one spin in one second. It will take precisely 10 seconds to perform 10 backflips at the same time.

To use this method ten times, follow the same steps as before, but choose ten times from the website’s drop-down menu and choose a logo style. You may also insert your name here to make it the search engine’s logo. You may also execute a barrel roll ten times on this link to go straight to the search page.

Do a Barrel Roll 20 times

The technique is to do a barrel roll twenty times, which rotates the website 20 times. The technique is the same this time; it will only take a second to circle the page, which means it will take 20 seconds to perform the barrel roll twenty times.

To achieve this, simply repeat the process twice or ten times, selecting 20 times from the website’s drop-down menu, entering your surname or any term you desire, and selecting the logo design. 

Barrel Roll 100 times

Do you have much more time to enjoy and relax? You’ve seen the headline, right? Not only can you do it twice or ten times, but you can also do it dozens of times.

The technique is to back turn the page 100 times by doing a barrel roll. Simply run this and sit in a chair while watching the page spin around. Searching here is a long process; it will be too quick even if you are unable to click on the page links.

The only way of stopping it before it reaches 100 times is to quit the webpage or use the browser’s back button. To go to the barrel roll hundred times page, follow the same steps as before. Again, all you have to do is choose 100 times from the drop-down menu.  


It is another game provided by Google for people to relax and enjoy. Simply type “do a barrel roll” on Google, and after pressing enter, the entire page starts rolling like a barrel in such a circular motion, similar to a high-speed ceiling fan. the computer screen will just keep on doing that. You can execute barrel roll a million times, yet we doubt you’ll have enough time to watch it till the very end. Also, the Google Pixel Z or R twice technique is only for fun and has no application in real life. 

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