Explore Amazing iPhone 7 Hidden Features min

Explore Amazing iPhone 7 Hidden Features

When it comes to the iPhone, no one can deny the fact that it is among the most appealing and feature-rich cell phones currently available. One of the best things about the Apple iPhone is that they keep developing the technology and expanding features. 

iPhone’s features set expanding as the phone has always progressed to stay up to date and surpass the competition. These phones may have been eclipsed by the latest models till today, but the iPhone 7 legacy will live on. It is so easy to join the iPhone obsession with the amazing seventh generation since you can buy it so reasonably.

Find some of the best iPhone 7 hidden features that will make you want to spend even more time with it and go for it again in this era. The following tips and tricks are a terrific place to start if you have decided to treat yourself to a new iPhone 7, or the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

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Quick Force Restart

Their process of force restart has changed since iPhone 7 and plus does not use a hard button. Many iPhone 7 hidden features like this enhance the functionality of your smartphone.

To Do:

Press the volume button on the left side and the power button on the right side of your phone simultaneously. You need to hold them until the phone restarts and the phone reboots.

Flashlight You can Adjust

The ability to adjust the brightness of the flashlight is one of the earliest 3D Touch iPhone features. It’s just one of many cool features of iPhone 7 plus, one that may help you illuminate even the darkest corners of your home.

To Do:

Toggling between bright, medium, and low light settings, swipe up to activate the Control Center and keep the flashlight icon pressed for some time.

Quick Unlock

There is a lot more to learn about new iPhone 7 tips and tricks. When you are in a hurry or don’t want to input your password again, you can always use the fingerprint sensor to unlock your phone quickly. 

To Do:

Go to Settings, then General, and then Accessibility. You’ll see the Home Button, which you should pick and turn on the Rest Finger to open the function. You’ll be able to unlock your phone with a fast touch rather than the full press unlock if this option is enabled.

Check Waiting Notifications Fast

Simply removing your phone from your pocket or moving it from the place where it is, will now activate the display of your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus for a brief moment. This is also one of the hidden iPhone features people are unaware of.

To Do:

Without having to tap the home button, you may instantly check for any pending notifications and messages. This is not exactly a huge time saver, but it’s better than nothing too.

3D Touch Secrets

3D Touch was a welcome addition to the iPhone 6 generation. Nonetheless, with the iPhone 7, this feature’s capabilities have been substantially expanded. Some of these are hidden, such as the ability to quickly retrieve your messages by hard-pressing the message choice. 

With these iPhone secrets, you can also check for new messages easily using this option and make use of your phone well.

To Do:

You may fast scroll through a new activity, posts, and searches with a long press at the Instagram icon. You can also reply to your messages without unlocking your phone if you hard-press on the message notification when your phone is closed. Apple is capable of delivering a slew of surprises like this. 

Built-in DIY Tool

Your iPhone now has surface leveling software that can assist you with your woodworking projects. A spirit level was required back in the day if you wanted to build a fancy hardwood bookcase on your own. 

Many cool iPhone tricks are there, as evidenced by iOS usage statistics, but a carpentry tool is the last thing we expected.

To Do:

Aim the measure icon at the thing by pressing the button. A circle with a dot in the middle will appear, along with the plus button. Point it toward the surface’s starting point, hit the plus button, then move it to the final point and press the plus button once again. The surface distance between these two spots will be displayed on your iPhone. 

RAW Images Shooting

You’ll enjoy this trick if you are a fan of mobile photography. You can now shoot RAW photographs and process them later on your PC or with an app. You’ll be able to significantly improve your photographic skills. It is also the best among iPhone secrets for photography.

To Do:

You’ll need to download a special camera app for this. The manual app comes highly recommended. When you’ve finished downloading it, open the app and go to Settings. Ensure that Save RAW + JPEG is turned on. From the bottom display, the software will present a new action sheet with two options: RAW and RAW + JPEG. 

Notification Flash

If you’re always missing notifications, you can take it a step further and have your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus flash when something needs your attention. In other words, until you take a look, you may make the phone’s camera light ping on and off.

To Do:

Go to the iPhone’s settings menu to enable the notification flash feature. After that, go to General, then Accessibility. Here you’ll find the LED Flash for alerts entry, which you can activate by tapping. Keep in mind that if the flash is turned on all the time, your phone’s battery life will suffer.

iOS 10 lock screen

On the iPhone 7, the home screen is now more useful than ever. For example, simply 3D Touch your notifications to view additional information and press down hard on a calendar entry to see the complete contents. People always find iPhone 7 hidden features like these. 

To Do:

You may now swipe left across the lock screen to activate the camera app and take a quick photo or shoot a video without having to unlock your phone. When you’re finished, simply press the home button to return to the lock screen.


There are a variety of iPhone 7 hidden features that are hidden from view. Even Apple Music has a lot of unexpected features, which is why many music lovers believe iPhones to be the best smartphones. Explore these features in your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to make using it more entertaining.

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