When we talk about the usage of Facebook pixel helper many questions appear in our minds. But first, it is important to know what is Facebook pixel helper. It is the most valuable tool when you know the way to use it. This quick guide is to help you and give you all the basic knowledge you need to know. Facebook Pixel Helper is only a code that you can add to your website

From ads on Facebook, it helps you to collect data that you can track your conversions. They help to check the potency of ads and then make sure that the ads are showing to the right people. Facebook pixel help companies in making an effective plan for advertising based on the behavior of viewers on the sites 

What is Facebook Pixel Helper?

Even today, a lot of people still do not know about this amazing tool. So, it is the extension of chrome that ensures that the Facebook pixel on your website is working properly. It is also known as the troubleshooter. Because it ensures you that the pixels are exactly doing what they are supposed to do. It means that they are properly tracking the information from the visitors. 

Overly 1 million people are currently using Facebook Pixel Helper all around the world. This is beneficial for the people who own their small businesses. Facebook Pixel is a very easy tool when you make sure that pixels are working smoothly with your Facebook campaigns. 

Steps to install Facebook Pixel Helper:

By following these simple steps you can add this amazing extension to your toolbox easily. 

1. Install Google Chrome

It is the right time for you to use Google Chrome if you are not using it already as your default web browser. The availability of Facebook Pixel Helper is only on the Chrome Extension store. So, you can download it from Google Chrome. You must have the latest updated version. 

2. Search the Facebook Pixel Helper

When you are finding the extension, there are two ways for this. One way is to simply type on the Google Facebook Pixel Helper extension. And open the first link that appears on your screen.

Another way is when you directly open Google Chrome Web Store. And, then type Facebook Pixel Helper on search the store bar. 

3. Install Facebook Pixel Helper

When you found the  Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension, now is the right time to install it. Click on the “Add to Chrome” option on the Chrome extension store. It will pop up and you will click on the button “Add extension”. Now this will add the Pixel Helper to your browser because it is ready for use. 

4. Use the Pixel Helper

Now it’s time to use the Pixel Helper, which is presented by a little icon with “</>” on it. You will find it on the right top of your address bar. 

The color of the icon is grey. When you type any of your website that is using Facebook pixel, it will change its color. The small icon will turn into blue color. And if there is no pixel detected, it will remain the same as grey. 

How to Use the Facebook Pixel Helper

It is most important to know that how will you use the Facebook Pixel Helper. Now the installation is complete of the extension of Facebook Pixel Helper Google Chrome, it is the time to use it. As you get the information above that the basic work of this extension is to check the pixel errors of your website. For the use, head forward to your website and then press on the icon of Pixel helper which is next to the address bar. The list bar will appear and it will detect different pixels of your website.

The Facebook Pixel Helper extension will track events of 3 types that will happen as the result of organic reach and Facebook ads. These are known as Standard events like purchase and add to cart or wish list. There is a green checkmark appear which means the pixel on your site is working properly. If there is any issue Facebook Pixel Helper will tell you by changing its color into a yellow or red icon.