What Item Did the First Vending Machines in the United States Dispense

What Item did the First Vending Machines in the United States Dispense?

You might wonder what items did the first vending machines in the United States dispense. The process of selling materials with the help of an automated machine is known as vending or automatic retailing. This process has been known for many centuries.

The first idea of the vending machine came from the Greek mathematician Hero of Alexandria. He invented the machine that dispensed holy water inside the temples of Egypt. 

In 1615 small brass machines were used that dispensed tobacco found in England. Later on, English publisher and owner of the bookshop Richard Carlile created a newspaper dispensing machine that allowed people to buy banned content.

Simon Denham invented the first fully automatic vending machine in 1867. This machine dispensed stamps.

First Items Vending Machines Dispense in the United States:

– Period of 1888

The first product was gum. Thomas Adams Gum Company started developing the machines to sell gums on the train platforms of New York City. Those vending machines produced tutti-frutti flavored gums.

– Layered Gumballs – 1897

To create attraction Pulver Manufacturing Company added illustrated figures to its gum machines. Later on, Pulver Manufacturing Company added round-shaped candy layered gumball. Because of this addition gumball, and vending machines were introduced in 1907. 

Vending Machines

– Soda Machine – 1920’s

In Paris the machines dispensing soda go as far back as 1890. But the first automatic soda dispensing vending machine that dispensed soda into a cup was introduced in the early 1920s. After that, the soda dispenser machines that dispensed soda bottles were introduced in the 1930s.

– Cigarettes – 1926

Cigarette machines were less common because of the concerns of underage buyers. But in 1926 William Rowe invented the cigarette vending machine despite looking for the concerns of underage buyers. 

– Coffee – 1940

In 1940 the first vending machine that dispensed coffee was introduced. This machine automatically mixed a liquid coffee with hot water according to the taste of the people. Cyrus Melikian was the inventor of this first coffee vending machine.

– Life Insurance – 1950 to 1970

From 1950 to 1970 vending machines were used to sell life insurance policies to the people at the airport. People bought this insurance right before they took a flight.

– Snacks – 1972

In 1972 the company Polyvend wanted to sell the snacks attractively so they decided to develop the first vending machine with a glass front that dispenses snacks.

– Combination of Vending Machines Miami – 2000

A few years after the discovery of snack vending machines it was noticed that there was a need for a vending machine that sold more than one item at a time. So in the mid of 2000s automatic vending machines were introduced that sold cold drinks, frozen foods, and snacks at a single time. 

Credit Card Scanners:

In 2006 there was a great achievement by vending machine industry. Credit card scanners became popular on vending machines. Within 10 years pretty much every new machine was prepared to acknowledge credit cards, making the way for the offer of many costly things.

Counting fish traps, online web time, lottery tickets, books, hot food varieties, hardware, over-the-counter medications, autos, and so forth.

In Singapore, in the year 2016 Autobahn Motors opened a luxury car vending machine. That car vending machine was offering Ferrari and Lamborghini’s. After their successful discovery, Carvana vending machines are working in the US.

Fun Facts:

Japan is the only country that has the most creative and innovative use of vending machines. They have the coolest and most amazing vending machines in the world. The vending machines in Japan sell every unique type of item. They are number one on the list of vending machines. The highest per capita rate of vending machines in the world is in Japan.

The Future of Vending Machines in the US:

For the first time, vending machines are in use in the US. What item did the first vending machines in the United States dispense?

Vending machines work on a simple mechanism and now start selling every item. You only have to drop a coin and things start coming out.

But with the advancement in technology, there are now cashless payments, facial recognition, eye or fingerprint locks, and social media connectivity on vending machines.

Eye or fingerprint recognition is at the top of this process and these are going to take over the vending industry. The use of vending machines has grown immensely and it is not wrong to say that in the future these machines will start providing you things according to your taste and interest only by looking at you.

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