GB Instagram APK Version 6.90 Free – Download 2023

NameGB Instagram
MOD FeaturesFull Unlocked
Size60 MB
Compatible with Android Version4.3+
Requires4.4 and up


GB Insta is an unofficial more advanced version of the Instagram app for downloading and saving photos you like on your phone. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. GB Insta lets you download any photo or video from your Instagram account to your device. You can also save Instagram Stories that you like on the app. You can choose whether to download the full-size photo or video or just the thumbnail version. The app also lets you save any story as a GIF, which can be shared with friends through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Snapchat.

It would be right to say that it has a lot of interesting features that are not only free but more advanced.

What is an GB Instagram APK?

The GB Instagram APK is an APK and advanced version of Instagram with a variety of new features that contain all the data for the Instagram app. The GB stands for Global and it means that this particular version of the app will work on all devices with Android 4.0 or higher installed in them.

The GB Instagram APK was created by developers who had access to unreleased versions of the app before it was released globally. This allowed them to create a modified version of the app without getting banned from Instagram’s servers and without breaking any terms of service agreements with Instagram.

How to download GB Instagram APK for Android

With the release of a new update, GBInstagram has made it impossible to download the app without jailbreaking your device. Luckily, there is a way to download Instagram without jailbreaking your device. It requires you to use a third-party GB Instagram website link. The process is quite simple – just follow these steps:

● Open a new tab on your browser, and go to However, as you want to download the APK version, it is better to go with the developer website with the GB Instagram Mod APK version.

● Click download.

● Scroll down until you find the option for downloading Instagram for iOS devices without jailbreak, click it and then click “save”.

● The download will start right away. You can also save the web page to your desktop and use that link in the future if you would instead not use your browser every time.

GB Instagram APK Version


Here are 5 major features of GB Instagram explained:

1. Full Navigation Bar & Similar features

Instagram’s new update came with many new features. Some of the most notable features include a full navigation bar, a new Explore tab, and a redesigned profile page.

Full Navigation Bar: The new navigation bar on Instagram has replaced the top three icons with one icon that is the same size as the other icons. The icons are still present on the bottom of the screen but they have been moved to be in line with all other icons.

Explore Tab: Instagram now has an explore tab that allows you to find content based on your interests. The explore tab will also show you content from accounts you follow or like as well as trending posts and hashtags.

Profile Page: The profile page has been redesigned to showcase your most recent posts and stories instead of just your photos and videos.

Full Navigation Bar

2. Customizable Grid View feature of GB Instagram

The Grid View feature of GB Instagram is a new way to view the photos in your feed. It’s like the old grid view, but it has been redesigned to be more intuitive and easier to use.

The new Grid View feature of Instagram is customizable and allows you to select how many photos you want to be displayed per row and column. You can also select which columns are shown at the top or bottom of your feed.

Customizable features

3. Customizable Album View Feature of GB Instagram

This new feature is powered by AI. It is expected that this will be one of the most popular features of Instagram because it gives users more control over how they want to consume the content on their platform.

The customizable album view feature of GB Instagram gives users an easy way to filter out posts and only see what they want to see – making it much easier for them to find what they are looking for and find it faster than before.

GB Instagram privacy

4. Ability to Download Media and Upload it to GB Instagram from any other app on your Android device like Gallery or Vine

Instagram has been the go-to app for sharing creative images. You can share photos and videos with your followers and get likes from them. But what if you want to share media from other apps on your Android device?

This app allows you to upload media from any other app on your phone to Instagram without having to download it first. It also allows you to download media from Instagram directly into the Gallery or Vine app so that you can share it with friends and family without having to use a third-party service.

This is an easy way for users who want to create their own content with their own creativity, but don’t have the time or patience to do so manually through the Instagram app

Ability to Download Media

5. Ability to Edit, Like, and Comment on posts within the GB Instagram app

The Instagram app allows users to like and comment on posts within the app.

The ability to comment on posts is a feature that is not available in the official Instagram app. However, users can still use their voice by using the voice comments feature. This feature allows users to record a voice comment and upload it as an animated GIF


The GB Instagram APK is an application that has been developed by a group of Instagram developers who have had access to unreleased versions of the app. The app has various unique, more advanced, and interesting features for enthusiastic Instagram users.

The GB Instagram APK is an APK and advanced version of Instagram with a variety of new features that contain all the data for the Instagram app. The GB stands for Global and it means that this particular version of the app will work on all devices with Android 4.0 or higher installed in them.


GB Instagram has all the features of Instagram, but it also has a couple of unique differences that make it much different than the regular app. One of them includes the ability to see your friends without having to leave your feed, and being able to view an article feed in addition to photos. Another different aspect of the app is that there are no ads. This means that you can use Instagram without having to see those pesky advertisements all over your feed. You probably shouldn’t put this app on your phone because it has not been released, but if you really want to give it a try, then go ahead and download it from the button below.

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