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Here’s How to Turn Off Apple Watch

Learning how to operate your Apple Watch is necessary to enhance its average life. Though it’s not necessary to turn off iWatch each time you put it to charge or take it off, it’s good to have an idea about how to turn the watch on and off. Along with this query, you should learn some additional tips to make your watch durable. The more attention you’ll pay while looking after the watch, the longer it will last and vice versa. Keep on reading to learn how to turn off apple watch and how to turn it on. 

For proper care, each product of the Apple store comes with a user manual. The same is in the case of an iWatch. When you purchase it, you’ll also receive a user manual that will help you in learning all its functions. However, some people can’t understand all the procedures of turning on, off, and restarting the Apple Watch. If you’re also one of them, this guide will help you a lot. So, let’s move on to understand all the functions of your Apple Watch. 

How to Turn Off Apple Watch?

Before moving on to learn a brief procedure of turning your iWatch off, it’s good to learn when it’s necessary. Mostly, people think that it’s not good to keep the watch off at night, which is no more than a mystery. There is no user manual by the Apple store that claims you should go for turning your iWatch off while you’re on rest. 

People think that keeping the watch on may lead to battery damage or loss, but that’s also totally wrong. It’s good to put your watch on charging when you’re sleeping. Don’t be afraid of overcharging when you are resting. Apple has built its watch in such a way that it will stop charging after it’s fully charged. Such an act will not lead to any damage to your watch’s battery. You don’t need to discharge the watch before it’s fully charged. 

After you have learned some essential tips to charge and time to power off my phone and your watch, let’s move on to learn a basic procedure of how to turn off Apple Watch.

  • Each iWatch has a button on its side. 
  • If your watch is off and you want to turn it on, press and hold that side button. 
  • When you press and hold the side button of your Apple Watch, a slider will appear. 
  • This slider will have two options. 
  • One will be red with the caption ‘ Power Off Apple watch ‘ while the other will be green with the ‘ Restart ‘ caption. 
  • Drag the red slider from left to right. 
  • It will turn your watch off. So, this is the solution of how to turn off Apple watch. 

Note: Unlike your local watches, your Apple Watch won’t turn off when it’s being charged. So, it’s necessary to disconnect apple watch before moving on to turn it off.

How to Restart Apple Watch – How to reboot Apple watch?

Like turning off, restarting your iWatch is quite easy. Sometimes, it may not respond well and that causes a lot of irritation. In this case, restarting the device will help you. If you consider your watch needs to be restarted, move in the following way. 

  • Press and hold the power button and digital crown simultaneously. 
  • Keep on pressing both these buttons until the power off and restart sliders appear. 
  • After the sliders appear, scroll the restart slider from right to left to restart the device. 

In the case of the Apple Watch frozen, you can resolve the issue by restarting it. 

How to Turn On Apple Watch? 

Here is an effortless method to turn on your iWatch. 

  • Press and hold the side button of your watch. 
  • After some time, the Apple logo will appear on the screen. 
  • When the logo appears, release the button. 
  • After a few moments, your watch will start properly. 
  • It will take a little time, so you’ll have to wait and watch for that time. 
  • After the watching power is properly on, you can carry on with your routine. 

How to turn off power reserve on the Apple watch?

In case the battery of your iWatch is critically low, below 10%, it will alert you to turn on the power reserve. Here is how to turn the power reserve on and off. 

Turning Power Reserve On: 

  • Open the control center of the watch by swiping up the face of the watch. 
  • Here you’ll encounter the battery percentage, tap it. 
  • Then you’ll see the power reserve option. 
  • Drag the slider.
  • Choose the confirm tab to proceed. 

Turning Power Reserve Off: 

After you have recharged your Apple Watch, you can use it even without a power reserve. Here is how to do this. 

  • Hold the side button by pressing tightly. 
  • You’ll see the restart slider. 
  • Restart the watch to turn off the power reserve mode. 

How to turn off sound on an Apple watch?

If you’re confused about how to turn sound off on an Apple watch, move on in the following manner. 

  • Open the setting application from your iWatch. 
  • Scroll the setting menu. 
  • You’ll encounter ‘ Sound and Haptics ‘ there. 
  • Hit this tab. 
  • There you’ll see volume up and volume down buttons. 
  • You can turn the volume off by tapping the volume down tab again and again. 
  • Use the volume up button to raise the volume. 
  • You’ll encounter the ‘ Silent ‘ tab too. 
  • Use this to turn off the ringing sound. 

How to Mute Apple Watch? 

Here is a simple way to mute your iWatch. 

  • Turn the face of the watch on. 
  • Then swipe up to open the ‘ Control Center ‘. 
  • Here you’ll encounter the mute tab.
  • Hit that tab to mute your iWatch. 
  • You can also do this by following the above-mentioned procedure. 
  • Moreover, you’ll still receive haptic notifications. 
  • To turn it off, open the Apple Watch app from your iPhone
  • Hit the My Watch tab out there. 
  • Choose the Sounds and Haptics tab there. 
  • Tap the tab to mute your watch out there. 

Final Verdict

Sometimes, your iWatch may not respond properly and may need restarting. Also, you may have to turn it off for any reason. If you’re also one of those who are struggling with ‘ how to turn off apple watch ‘, the above guide is for you. It will answer all your queries regarding turning on, off, or restarting the Apple Watch. So, go through this beneficial guide to operate your watch properly.

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