Homescape Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars / Coins) Download V6.0.3

Package Namecom.playrix.homescapes
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Stars 
Size147.59 MB0
RequiresAndroid 4.4


Homescape Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins / Stars) brings many improvements including new items and more! With Homescape Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins / Stars) V5.7.4, you don’t need to spend your money in buying the new items since it’s all included in the mod apk download!

If you want this to be your home quicker than ever before, then hurry up and get this Homescape Mod Apk (Unlimited Coins / Stars) Download V5.7.4 now!

This article will teach you how to install homescape mod apk. In this mod apk, you can easily generate unlimited coins and stars without waiting for the ads to load. If you are casual game player you’ll also love My Talking Tom mod apk with unlimited money and coins.

unlimited lives

Homescape Mod Apk  

Homescape Mod Apk is an Android application that has been designed to allow players to have an easy and fun gaming experience by giving them unlimited stars and coins in the game with no need of internet connection. You can also use it in case you don’t have any other games installed on your phone but still want to play some games once in a while.

Homescape Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars / Coins) is compatible with the most recent version of Android operating system. Homescape Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars / Coins) has been downloaded from more than 10,000,000+ times on Google Play Store, which guarantees that it won’t include any computer virus and/or spyware within it.

How To Install Homescape Mod Apk?

It is a game that has many different things to do. You can choose to play in “free mode” or “premium mode”. In this list, I will be sharing the steps on how to install homescape mod apk and what you should expect.

This mod is meant for those who want to enjoy playing the game without spending too much.

1) Download Homescape Mod Apk (Unlimited Stars / Coins) from the given link

2) Follow their instructions on how to install homescape mod apk 

3) Enjoy your new experience!

Animated graphics


Here are the top 8 features of Homescape Mod Apk.

The most important features of the app are:

1. Asking for permission to send push notifications

2. High level of customization

3. Useful design for content and aesthetics

4. Ease to reset preferences

5. No ads or in-app purchases

6. Customizable design with themes available in a variety of colors, textures, and designs

7. Excellent customer service team available 24/7

Clever design  

You will love to see the amazing design of the game. It has been designed with an eye for detail and making smarter use of its futuristic setting. Every user gets to create and decorate their dream home from any race, age, or even style. Played in real-time as well as an offline mode, players have 24/7 access to all of their creations.

Animated graphics   

It is remarkable to see how they have integrated their graphics and gameplay seamlessly with an eye on detail and a clever design.

This mod takes your home from ordinary to exceptional in very few clicks, making you feel like a living dream.

Clever design

Exceptional rooms

Homescape is a game that lets users create the house of their dreams. The game comes with a variety of rooms, furniture, and other decorations so users can make the interior to their liking.

In the game, players can create their own home with different rooms and furniture. Different decorations include a chandelier with crystals, a chair with fabric pattern, or a plush rug. When the player is finished decorating their new home, they can save it for later use and share it on social media. In addition to decorating rooms within the house, players can also choose to decorate the exterior of their residence. 

Unlock everything

The app is very intuitive and user-friendly with an interface that is simple and easy to follow. You will get a plethora of beautiful wallpapers, designs, furniture, outdoor themes and much more in this app which you can use as your inspiration for designing your home or room. in Mod APK version, everything is unlocked and you can play endless. You can also play Bubble Shooter mod apk to get everything unlimited.      

unlimited coins 2

Gameplay – How To Play Homescape Mod Apk

Homescape Mod Apk is an online game where you have to build and design your house, complete quests and earn coins. It has a strong storyline that’s being built in the same world as Minecraft but it’s very immersive and interesting. The gameplay is simple enough for people to get into but challenging enough to keep players invested in it.

It is a game where you build and manage a virtual town that you start from scratch with a group of people. You can sign up for the development community, use their online tools and tutorials to help you, or just create your own worlds.

Homescape is an online multiplayer building game that has players exploring fields, digging through mud and dirt, swimming in an ocean to find fossils and creating their own homescapes.

exceptional rooms


The game is super easy to pick-up for anyone who knows how to jump, tap, or swipe. While it is also challenging enough for veteran runners.

Homescape is a home design and decorating simulation game for Android. It is available for both free and paid versions. Its Mod Apk version comes with many unique features and functionalities that the users enjoy

The game allows players to remodel their own home and place furniture into it by using an in-game catalog. The game also offers a limited amount of building materials that can be purchased with the in-game currency – coins. In the game, players could also play with friends on multiplayer mode too.


Homescape Mod Apk is a wonderful home design app specially created for Android users. It has a very clever design that you will surely love. , but not just because it looks cool. It has a lot of features that make it easy to accomplish many home design tasks.

Homescape is a very interesting game that has just been released on Android platform. It has been designed with an eye for detail and making smarter use of its futuristic setting. We were not disappointed with the quality of graphics and the innovative ideas that it came up with.

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