How Computers & Technology Affect Your Health?

Technology has become an important part of life, and it’s necessary for almost all industrial domains. In the fast-paced technological era, the world is advancing rapidly, and we are relying completely on the use of technology. It is making our life easier than ever, but similar to any other thing; technology has its downsides too. 

If your profession requires spending extended time working on screen, you are likely to catch certain health issues. In this article, we will discuss some common health issues that users get when they are working for more than four hours in a stretch. 

Vision Problems

Too much bright light can strain your eyes, and you can get vision-related issues. The flickering images affect your vision which can lead to other issues as well. Focusing constantly on the screen leads to less blinking, which dries out your eyes. 

Make sure to adjust the brightness of the computer display or invert colors on a Mac so that it won’t strain your eyes. Tilt the computer or laptop screen to reduce glare and control the visual effects so that nothing appears too glittery to your eyes. 

Headache & Neck Aches

Long hours of working cause headaches, particularly if you are skipping your meals or not taking any short breaks. You may not find any issues in the beginning when you start working on a computer, but it will only worsen day by day if you ignore them for longer. 

Headaches can be treated if you pay special attention to your routine and take meals and short breaks on time. As far as neck aches are concerned, adjust the height of the screen by placing a laptop stand or installing the monitor risers beneath the device. 

Stress Disorders

stress disorders min

Our emotions and behavior are greatly affected by technology. Prolonged use of computers can cause poor health, and you will feel stressed out due to work pressure. Stress can lead to a lack of concentration and decreased attention span, and you start feeling burned out. 

Prevent your health conditions from worsening and start seeking timely treatment. Exercise regularly or attend yoga classes to improve your physical and mental health. It will also give you the opportunity to change your environment if you are working from home. 

Musculoskeletal Problems

You will feel muscle strain in the areas including the neck, back, shoulders, arms, and chest. When you feel numbness in your hands and arms, the condition is referred to as a musculoskeletal disorder. Incorrect posture is the trigger point for such issues.

Adjust the height of your computer screen, as well as the chair, to ensure the correct eye level while working. Sit with your back straight to avoid backache or stress in your back muscles. Take short breaks in regular intervals to stretch out your body. 

Obesity & Weight Gain

If you are gaining extra pounds every week or month, the reason must be the unhealthy lifestyle that builds up unintentionally. When you are working from home and stick to your computer for long hours, it is normal to gain weight; however, you can avoid this. 

Maintain a healthy lifestyle by starting your work and finishing everything on time. Take regular breaks, stretch your body, and exercise regularly. Take time to walk around for a couple of minutes and never avoid your meals. 

Sleeping Problems

sleeping problems min

The bright light that your computer emits not only strains your eyes but disturbs your sleep patterns too. You might have noticed spending longer hours on screen in the name of entertainment even if you have spent a lot of time on screen while working. 

If you have a habit of using a smartphone or laptop before going to bed, refrain from yourself. Instead, start reading your books as they will help you fall asleep more easily. The best thing is to schedule your work hours in a way that you get enough time to sleep. 

Increased Blood Clots

When you are sitting on your work chair for long hours, it affects the circulation of blood in your body. This not only leads to single but multiple problems in the future. These problems are difficult to detect at first, but you feel more stressed out later. 

Working in a stretch on computers means less time for exercising and working out, which is not good in any way. Stretch your legs and avoid sitting in a cross-leg posture as it decreases the blood flow in your body. 

The Conclusion

Reading these health problems sounds like using a computer is not good for an individual; however, that’s not the case. Preparing a work plan will allow you to maintain your health while working on computers.

Individuals who are working from home need to be extra cautious as remote work demands a more healthy routine. Exercise regularly, follow yoga tips, and maintain an organized routine so that you can work without stress and health issues. 

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