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Find Out How to Block Emails on iCloud easily?

Are you the person who remains updated in context to emails, and keeps your email inbox clear and clean? Unwanted email ways populate your inbox and it starts looking weird. You may immediately stop unwanted emails from appearing in your inbox when you filter spam emails and other email clutter in iCloud.

These unwanted emails could be from out-of-date newsletters you don’t have time to read, promotions for goods you don’t desire, correspondence with persons you don’t want to interact with, or potentially harmful communications. The point arises, how to block emails on iCloud? 

iCloud block email feature directs emails from a sender to your Trash folder rather than your Inbox when you want to stop them from writing to you. In iCloud, can block emails in different ways, read the easiest ways, and can you block someone on email?

How to Block iCloud Email?

You simply need to locate a message from the sender you want to block. How to block emails on iCloud? Using your phone or Mac, we have the easy ways as:

Using Mac

Using your Mac’s email software is an easy approach to blocking an email address. Follow the steps:

  • On your Mac, launch the Mail app.
  • Choose a message from a certain sender.
  • Place the cursor over the recipient’s name in the message header.
  • Select Block Contact, it will show blocked next to the sender’s name. 

Only if you set up a rule to automatically send undesired emails to the Trash folder do you have the option to ban emails on iCloud through the iCloud website. It is easier to perform than to think, how to block iCloud email?

Using Web

To ban emails on iCloud using a web browser, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account on the iCloud website.
  • To access iCloud Mail, select Mail.
  • From the mail address, you want to be blocked, choose a message.
  • Rules can be found by selecting Settings, the gear symbol on the screen.
  • Choose to Add a Rule from the Rules tab.
  • Choose from the If a message drop-down menu by selecting it. Your desired block address is automatically entered.
  • Then, from the drop-down option, select Move to Trash.
  • Choose Done.

Using Gmail: How to Block Emails

It is not a question anymore, can you block someone on email? It’s easy and the steps are discussed above. 

Using Mac

If you are using Gmail, and you are using a Mac, here is how to block emails:

  • Open a message of the unwanted sender.
  • From the little arrow next to the reply button, choose Block.
  • A pop-up box will ask you if you wish to block the sender’s address and send all incoming messages from that address to the Spam folder. 
  • Click the Block button to confirm.
  • You should then get a confirmation message that the sender has been successfully blacklisted.

Using Web

How to block emails on iCloud using a web browser, follow these steps:

  • Open the email you wish to block on Gmail.
  • Click the down arrow to the right of the reply button in the email’s top-right corner. 
  • Click Block in the window that appears after clicking Block [name].

Can you Block Someone on Email?

You can block a sender on an email order in order to stop receiving unwanted emails that populate your email badly. Have you ever signed up for a newsletter only to discover you didn’t read it, and that even after you unsubscribed, the emails continued to arrive in your inbox? 

Do you have a distant relative who only sends you more than 100 jokes daily? Or perhaps you’re receiving email harassment? Whatever your motivation, iCloud provides you with a convenient way to block anything that you don’t want to read. You will also get how to block iCloud email in the latter part of the article.

  • Log in to your iCloud email.
  • Choose the email from the sender you want to block. It is not necessary to view the email.
  • Select the right arrow in the top-left corner if you need to view mailboxes.
  • To reveal the actions menu, click the gear symbol in the lower-left corner.
  • From the option that displays, choose Rules.
  • In the pop-up box’s upper right corner, click Add a Rule
  • Select it from the drop-down menu under If a message
  • You can block an email address by entering it. The sender’s email address is automatically entered if you chose one of their emails when you first started this process
  • Then, click Move To Trash under then
  • Choose Done. You need to select done once more.


Your inbox can soon become full of a lot of emails. Use the iCloud block email tool to send those undesired emails to the Trash folder when your inbox has more messages. Instead, you can block an unwanted email sender easily using iCloud. If you want to know, how to block emails on iCloud? Read the steps in the article before.

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