How To Delete a Page in Google Docs

How To Delete a Page in Google Docs

It can be a little frustrating to find unwanted black pages of Google docs in your drive. And it is true it happens to most of us. Especially, when we are working on something important or researching to write something perfect. You might be formatting a lot using different pages. In the end, you will see a lot of unwanted pages. At this time, you will ask that how to delete a page in Google docs. Well, there are different ways by which you can easily do it. 

It’s common that we are mostly working on some important documents. If it does not look perfect for us, we will go to the extent to make it the best. Well, that can of course lead to many unwanted pages in Google docs. And, a lot of people do not know that how to remove a page in Google docs. We all know what happens when it comes down to formatting your files. 

So, if you find an extra page in your file, it’s time to get rid of it. There are different ways that can help you in how to delete extra pages in Google docs. Here are some easy ways which you can do in both Mac or Pc. 

Ways of How To Delete a Page in Google Docs:

1. Get Rid of the Extra Text:

One of the most simpler ways you can for in how to delete extra pages in Google docs is by just omitting the text. Sometimes, the problem is that there is too much content. Now, you may think that you dont need it and you can get rid of some paragraphs or pages. There might be a chance that you want to know how to delete a second page in Google docs. 

Just click and drag your customer by highlighting the text, images, and tables, etc that you want to delete. You can use the Backspace key or delete key on the keyboard. All of the content you chose will be deleted in your Google doc. Sometimes, there are blank pages to type on as well. You can use it or delete them as well. 

You must make sure that while you are deleting the unwanted texts delete the empty spaces or lines as well. It makes your draft look professional and the text dont take many pages. 

2. Delete an Unwanted Page Break From Your Google Doc:

For your how to delete a page in Google docs, the next way would be to delete unwanted page breaks. The process is quite simple. There can be blank spaces in your content that are taking much space. You may have added page breaks by mistake in the doc. So, what you can do is just place your cursor on the blank spaces and delete it. 

Some people also ask that how to delete a blank page in Google docs. Well, you can highlight the whole page and delete or Backspace it. 

3. Adjust Your Margins:

If the page break was not the problem in your Google doc, then the next issue can be margins. You might be thinking now about how to delete Google docs or the pages. But, the margins can be fixed easily.

Click File on the top left and go to page setup in the menu. A pop-up box will appear where you can select your margin like one inch. It should be for your whole content. It will free a lot of space in your document easily. 

4. Use Custom Spacing:

If your question is that how to delete a whole page in Google docs, then you might want to see your custom spacing first. Sometimes, your spacing just needs to get properly set and you can get rid of all the extra space. 

For your how to delete a page in Google docs, you can create a custom spacing whether small or big. It depends on your need. If your content is taking too much space and you need limited pages, then use this idea. It will help a lot in removing the excessive space quickly. 

All of these ideas are helpful if you are trying to delete space, paragraphs, or pages in Google docs. 

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