How to Delete Doordash Account

How to Delete Doordash Account In 2022 – A Quick Guide

Want to know how to delete Doordash account? DoorDash – one of the leading home food delivery forums of the US, Canada, and Australia – is serving its customers for the past successive successful years. It has about 56% food ordering and delivery market shares. So, it’s serving the customers to connect with the local restaurants and cafes by offering home delivery facilities. However, one may have a bad experience with them that might force home or her to discontinue the journey with this company. This will need a permanent deletion of the DoorDash account to get rid of their services. 

Different reasons may lead you to delete your account on DoorDash. No matter what the reason is, getting rid of your DoorDash account is quite easy. In the later section, we’ll break down some methods to do this. So, let’s move down to learn how to delete DoorDash account

How to Delete DoorDash Account? 

When you’re fed up with anything, getting rid of it will be your priority. The same will be in case of your bad experience with your DoorDash account. If you want to delete your DoorDash, you can do it via two methods. 

  • On Your Own
  • Via DoorDash support (customer support)

How to Delete DoorDash Account on This Own? 

If you want to disable your account on DoorDash without getting the help of the customer support center, follow the steps below. 

1- Reach Out the DoorDash Site

First of all, normally reach out to the DoorDash website with the help of a web browser. Open their website. 

2- Sign In to Your DoorDash Account

After you’ve opened the dashboard of the site by DoorDash login, normally sign in to your account after entering the credentials. 

2- Browse the Menu 

After you’ve signed in to your account, you’ll open the dashboard of the site. Browse for the ‘Menu’ icon and open it. You’ll find it in the upper left corner of the home screen. Here you’ll open different tabs further. 

3- Hit the “Account” Icon

From the menu tab, hit the “Account” icon that will open all your account details for you. 

4- Hit the “Manage Account” Icon

When you tap the “Account” tab, you’ll open a new menu that will show you three major options i.e link Facebook, change password, and manage the account. You’ll have to open the “Manage Account” tab. 

5- Download Your DoorDash Account History

The next step after opening the “Manage Account” menu will be deleting your account. But we recommend saving your previous data to save your transaction and ordering details. So, download your DoorDash Account history so that you may prevent any post deletion problem. 

6- Tap the “Delete Account” Option

When you have saved your previous data, you can proceed with deleting your account. This is possible by hitting the “delete account” tab. 

7- Enter the Confirmation Code and Proceed

When you’ll hit the “delete account” tab, the DoorDash support center will send you a confirmation code. This code is intended to confirm that it’s you as it will be sent to your registered phone number or email address. 

8- Confirm Deleting Your DoorDash Account

After you’ve entered the verification code, DoorDash will allow you to disable your account. Hit the “delete” tab to confirm the deletion of your account. Finally, you’ve got rid of your account on DoorDash. 
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How to Delete a DoorDash Account Via ” DoorDash Help “? 

If you have an issue with deleting your DoorDash account on your own, you can also do this with the assistance of the DoorDash Support center. Doing this will deactivate your account instead of deleting it permanently. This may be beneficial as you may reuse it whenever needed in the future. Here is how to do this. 

1- Open DoorDash Support Site

Access to the DoorDash help site to request the deactivation of your account. This is possible by reaching out to customer support via

2- Choose the ” Customer Support “ 

After clicking the above URL, you’ll open a different menu. Hit the ‘ Customer Support ‘ icon. 

3- Put the Credentials 

After you’ve reached out the DoorDash support, you’ll have to put in the essential information like your full name, mailing address, account details, phone number, etc. This information is necessary to reach out to your account. 

4- Add a Description

Besides other information, you’ll have to describe the reason for deleting your account briefly. Add this under the description tab. 

5- Submit Your Deactivation Request

After you’ve put in the essential information and a brief description, make sure that all your information is correct. After this, hit the submit request icon to submit your deactivation request. After this, the DoorDash support team will give you proper feedback to deactivate your account. 

What Reasons Can Lead You to Delete DoorDash Account? 

Different reasons may lead you to delete your DoorDash account. Some major reasons that are commonly described are given here. 

  • You may input the wrong information while creating your DoorDash account. This will make the deletion of your account necessary. 
  • You may have agreed at the point that you’ll cook at home and no more food ordering. 
  • A bad experience with any of the service providers may lead you to delete your account permanently. 
  • You may find some better food delivery service near you. This may also lead to your DoorDash account deletion. 
  • You may feel insecure on the DoorDash forum. In May 2019, such an incident occurred.
  • If the DoorDash rider demands a tip from the customer, this may also lead to a bad experience. So, one may like to delete his or her DoorDash account. 
  • If you can’t find your favorite menu after registration, you may think deleting your account is better than staying useless. 

Final Verdict 

Now, you know how to delete DoorDash account. Though DoorDash is considered one of the top-rated food delivery and food ordering platforms, a single bad experience with it may lead the customers to delete their accounts. If you’ve also had any bad experiences with DoorDash, deleting your account is not difficult. You can do this on your own or via customer support, as mentioned above. 

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