Years or weeks have passed, and you haven’t been able to remember the full lyrics to a song. The lyrics of the music video are a mystery to you, but you can recall only the scenes that appear in the video. If that’s the case, here are some handy tips on  how to find a music video by describing it.

Tips On How To Find A Music Video By Describing It?

When it comes to how to find a music video by describing it, identify What You Know. You should record as much information as you can about the video you are looking for. Who is the artist? What line of the chorus or verse from the song do you remember? 

Can you tell what music video genre it is? Which year did the video come out? How was the music video performed? Or any specific scene you remember?

You’ll be able to narrow down the list of possible search results and increase your chances of finding the online music video more quickly if you know this information.

Take a look at some basic searches.

When it comes to how to find a music video by describing it? Hit the search button on global search engines like Google and type a sentence or some words or phrases from the lyrics. The most relevant results will be displayed if your lyrics are correct. 

Results may number in the millions. Check out the first two pages. Well, if it shows no results, do not be worried or feel upset. Once you have narrowed down your search, you should move on to the next step.

How To Find A Music Video By Describing It? Use Google Advanced Search.

Use Google Advanced Search

Using filters in Google Search allows you to be more specific, just as with YouTube.  Faster results can be found with advanced Google Search.

When using an Advanced Google Search, you can specify key phrases, regions, and last update times. Information can be more accurately provided this way.

You Can Use a Song Identifier App.

how to find a music video by describing it? It’s pretty easy with such apps. As their names suggest, Song Identifier applications allow users to identify their favorite songs and videos.

By humming the microphone, you can find your favorite song with song identifier apps like Shazam, unlike many search engines and apps. Shazam uses a spectrogram to create an audio fingerprint. 

Wait for the results based on the spectrogram to appear after opening the microphone in the app and humming for at least 10-15 seconds. This app will suggest the artist, album, and title of a song based on your humming melody and singing lyrics.  

Utilize Keyword And operator combinations.

You can use more powerful tools than just the combined operator.

Advanced YouTube Search.

Due to YouTube’s affiliation with Google, you can search for specific topics using advanced search operators. Some of them are listed below.

  • A BAND or ARTIST, then partner – Enter their name and then partner to filter the videos that are officially released. YouTube offers clips, teasers, and full movies from actors if you type in their name and movie.
  • Live news – Type the news, video games, or anything else you choose, and then live to see live feeds of the subject at hand.

The final step for how to find a music video by describing it is to use a song naming community.

If you don’t understand a song’s name, or looking for a way on how to find a music video by describing it, ask it on song naming communities like Facebook, Reddit, and specialist websites. Give them as many details as you can about the music video. 

Community members may assist you with advanced programs to locate your song if they are unable to identify your music video.