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How to Fix Error Code 524 Roblox? 8 Easy Step

We are going to discuss about the Error Code 524 Roblox. All you need to know, will be covered in this blog.

Roblox is an online game system created by Roblox Corporation. It allows its users to play games and to program games as well. Authorization Error that is also known as the Roblox Error Code 524 is a common error that is seen by users when they attempt to join a VIP server whether they are entering normally or as a Guest. Due to this error players are unable to join any servers, no matter if the server is new or an existing one. 

The main reason for this Error Code 524 Roblox is the creator of the game made the game for VIP servers only. Another main reason could be the connectivity issues with your Roblox App on either PC or mobile phones. 

This error shows up at various times when you join a game. The game automatically crashes with a popup window showing that you are not authorized to join the game (Error Code: 524). It also sometimes kicks you out in the middle of the game and gives you a similar error showing that you do not have permission to join this game (Error Code: 524). 

How to fix Error Code 524 Roblox?

If you are facing this problem then you do not feel worried because we will provide you with solutions to go through the Error Code 524 Roblox

1. Ensure that your Account is at least 30 Days Old

Roblox servers now don’t allow newbies. This step is taken because hackers usually make new accounts. Whenever you enter the game it will automatically kick you out because your account was not 30 days old. So, make sure that your account must be 30 days old. 

2. Check whether Roblox servers are down or not

Another reason for getting Roblox error code 524 is the downtime. There is no official website where you get the downtime notification. Also, the game application does not tell you that the servers are offline. When you join the game containing an offline server, the game would crash and show you an error message. Roblox App users gather and report the downtime. There is a graph that will show you the level of reports. By noticing the level of the graph you would know that servers are down. This is the most effective way to know whether 524 errors are going to happen or not. 

3. Changing the invitations of VIP Servers

When you enter a private server as a guest then there must be the possibility of having error code 524 Roblox. To solve this issue you can simply change the invitation settings of a private server. You can change it from only friends to everyone. This will resolve the issue. 

4. Check whether your Account is Banned or not

If you are trying to enter a specific server and crashes only happen to that server then it is understood that you are banned from that specific server. Roblox does not help you from getting unbanned. However, you can try your luck by asking the server’s game creator for unban. If you are facing these error 524 Roblox issues from almost all servers then there might be a reason that Roblox bans you. There is a solution to this. Firstly make a new account and try to play with it. Secondly, contact Roblox support and ask them the reason for the ban.  

5. Changing the IP Address

If you are still unable to join from a new account then you should know that there might be some glitches. This is getting common because a lot of users have complained about it. Some users have reported that IP addresses are not working and Roblox suggests they use static IP. So now you can easily solve this issue.

6. Clear the browser cookies and cache

The browser version is not for Roblox. It is better to play Roblox either on Google Chrome or Firefox. Other browsers can cause error code 524 Roblox that will cause you trouble. 

7. Disable Ad Blocker

If you are playing Roblox on the browser then make sure that the Ad Blocker is disabled. Otherwise, Roblox kicks you out of the game and tells you that you are not authorized to play followed by the error code 524. 

8. Uninstalling and Downloading the Roblox 

The most effective method is to uninstall the Roblox App. After some time downloading it again, doing this will reset settings which involve clearing of caches and cookies. 

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