How to Get Free Robux

How to Get Free Robux? 8 Ways Explained

Robux is a form of online currency that game players use on Roblox, which is a very popular online gaming platform. You have to pay money and buy Robux to enjoy Roblox. As Roblox doesn’t accept regular money, you’ve to buy Robux by paying money, and then, you use Robux to buy Avatars or other game upgrades or accessories. If you play Roblox, you might have wondered how to get free Robux as buying Robux can get costly from time to time. This guide presents 8 free Robux generators. 

8 Ways to Get Free Robux


It’s a website that offers you points if you watch its ads or videos, or play some of its games. You have two options to use the points which you’ve earned on ZoomBucks. You can either exchange your points for cash or you can get Robux codes in exchange for your points. At least 5,000 points are required to redeem for Robux codes.


If you like to participate in online surveys, you don’t need to think much about how to get free Robux. Swagbucks, one of the world’s largest online survey communities, rewards you with SB Points for every survey you complete online. Recently, Swagbucks is allowing its members to exchange their reward points, Robux gift cards and various other rewards as well. For that, you need to become a member of its online survey community. 


It’s also a very famous online website in the United States. For every online survey you complete, they reward you with points. Moreover, it also offers points by other means such as playing games, watching videos, or referrals to others to join the InboxDollars online community. Apart from that, it allows you to earn gift cards from online stores such as Amazon. You can buy Robux codes with these gift cards. In short, InboxDollars alone is a very valuable answer to how to get free Robux

Creating games for Roblox

Roblox itself awards free Robux codes to the game developers for the Roblox platform. However, there are some factors on which the amount of codes or Robux you earn depends. The first of the factors is that you must develop a playable game on Roblox and also, the company accepts it for its platform. And the second is that your developed game must be enjoyable for everyone.

Strong Grandmother

If you’re wondering “how to get free Robux the easy way?” then Strong Granny is your answer. You might already know that it’s an online game that is quite famous in America and elsewhere. There are many levels in the games, and just like in other online games, these levels get trickier as you proceed. However, you can earn up to five Robux codes for free if you’re smart enough to reach Strong Granny level 10. 

Free Robux Lotto 2021

This application allows you to do many things such as watching ads and earning points. It even allows you to play other games through it on your smartphone. Free Robux Lotto 2020 offers weekly and monthly lottery through which you can win up to 10 free Robux codes. If you think you always have a stroke of good luck in lotteries, you can try it to win free Robux.

Strong Pixel

Another way in the list of how to get free Robux is Strong Pixel. According to many players, Strong Pixel lets you earn free Robux if you reach level 10 of the game, which is the highest level of the game. The game awards you with three Robux codes. You can redeem these Robux codes on Roblox for Avatars and game accessories.


If you liked the idea of winning award points for complete online surveys, then join PointPrizes, another rewarding online survey community, at no cost. As with other online survey communities, PointPrizes also rewards you with points for every online survey you complete. Moreover, referring PointPrizes to your family and friends, viewing online advertisements, or doing other common tasks on PointPrizes are other ways of winning more points. You can redeem the points you’ve won for cash and then you can buy Robux codes. 

How to Get free Robux Verdict

The above 8 ways are liable ways to get free Robux. Though you can choose whatever way you like most, we recommend you to go for complete online surveys. This way you can increase your knowledge of current affairs and get free Robux as well.

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