How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft – Easy Tips

Building stuff in Minecraft is the dream of every game lover. However, different risks may lead to any remarkable damage. To prevent this, one should build a strong survival mode. Survival mode can help you move around safely to build your favorite stuff. Speed hacks and mods can help you move around and climb up or move down in the game. All this shows how important transportation is in Minecraft. Along with other methods, a water elevator may be an ideal choice that may help you go up or down instantly. So, let’s see how to make a water elevator in Minecraft. 

The addicts of Minecraft can’t survive without this. However, transportation is necessary, they know, for survival and building stuff. Different modes are used that help the players of Minecraft to move within the game. Horizontal transportation is easy with the help of horses but vertical one needs proper elevators. Different creative ways are used to make elevators in the game. Creating it out of water is the most common practice. This short guide will help you to learn how to make water elevators in Minecraft.

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft? 

Material Required to Build a Minecraft Elevator

Before going on to proceed for a water elevator in a Minecraft game, make sure that you have all the material required to do this. Here is a list of materials required to build a water elevator in Minecraft. 

1- A Spruce Door 

A wooden Spruce door will be installed at the entrance of the elevator. Though this is not an inevitable part of the elevator as you can also go without it, it will give an appealing look. However, if you want to proceed without it, you can. 

2- Kelp

This is one of the essential elements of the planet Minecraft water elevator. Kelp will help you to turn the blocks of water into water sources. Before using magma or sand blocks, use kelp in the water block so that you may convert it into a water source. 

3- Buckets

When you would have built the elevator structure with the building blocks, the next step is to fill it with water. Buckets will be helpful to fill the elevator with water after its construction. 

4- Oak Signs 

Oak signs will help to stop the water flow at the entrance. So, use them on each side of the entrance to make the water blockage sure. Moreover, you can also walk through the water block without leakage if you have inserted these blocks. 

5- Magma Blocks 

The basic movements of elevators are upward and downward. Magma blocks assist in downward water flow. So, these help in creating a downward water elevator. 

6- Sand Blocks 

Soul sand or sand blocks assist in building the upward water elevator. These are used in the base of elevators to create an upward flow of the water that, in turn, assists in the upward movement. 

7- Building Blocks

To make the walls of the elevator stand upwards, building blocks are used. These are some of the primary requirements to build a water elevator. One can use any kind of building block. However, the use of Glass building blocks will give your elevator an aesthetic look. So, go for those if possible.

How to Make a Water Elevator in Minecraft? 

It’s easy to build a water elevator on a Minecraft planet if you have proper knowledge and material. Here is how to make a water elevator in Minecraft.  

1- Location is the Key

Before starting with building a water elevator in Minecraft, you should be clear about the location. Mostly, you’ll use this elevator to climb the upper floors of your buildings. Professional players of this game also use them for the same purpose. So, choose such a location from where you can reach all your desired locations. 

2- Build the Walls of the Elevator

Once you’ve got the right position to build an elevator for you, the next step is to construct its outer structure. As mentioned above, building blocks will be used for this purpose. So, use any of your favorite building blocks to make the walls. We recommend the glass building blocks that will give your elevator an appealing look. 

Build the walls from the three sides in such a way that space is there in between them. Another thing that should be focused on is the height of the elevator. Raise the walls as high as you want to be according to your buildings and other desired location’s height. 

3- Elector’s Door 

You’ll have to fix a spruce wooden door in the bottom section of the elevator. After fixing it right in the place, but the building blocks on it up to the desired height. The Center of the four walls will be still empty. 

4- Water Filling

After you have given the elevator a properly closed structure, use the water buckets to fill it with water. Make sure that you have filled all the central space with water. 

5- Insert Kelp

Kelp will convert the water blocks into water sources. So, use it after you have filled the central space of the elevator with water. 

6- Upward Elevator

When you have put the kelp in the water, the next step depends on whether you want to go upwards or downwards. If you want to go upwards, place a soul sand block that will push you upwards as you enter it. 

7- Downward Elevator

If you want to come to the bottom from the top, use a magma block. Magma will pull you downwards. 

How Long is a Minecraft Day? 

On Minecraft planet, a day lasts for about 20  minutes. 

Final Verdict

A water elevator is a great idea while you’re on Minecraft planet as it will help you go upward or move downwards quickly. Do people wonder how to make a water elevator in Minecraft? But it’s quite easy to do this if you have proper knowledge and material, no matter if you’re a beginner or professional player. The above-mentioned tips will help you to create an elevator in Minecraft quickly. 

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