How to Measure a TV

How to Measure a TV to Get the Right Size?

Measuring the TV size is not difficult but it needs a little attention too. When you go measuring the size of your TV, you measure its screen’s length, width, and thickness. Besides this, the TV stand is a part of the TV that also needs some space and should be measured, if you are not going to mount the TV on the wall. Getting the perfect size of your television means you’re going to purchase one that will fit well into the space. If you fail to judge this, you may fail to adjust your television right in its place. So, learning ” how to measure the TV size? ” will be beneficial for you. 

When you know the formula to calculate its exact size, choosing a perfect television for your room will be easy for you. Knowing this, one can also judge the size of TV that is closer to the exact one. Confused about measuring how to measure a TV? Be relaxed as we are going to break an easy formula that will help you get the exact size for your TV. So, let’s move down to explore how to do this. 

How to Measure a TV the Right Size?

TV is the center of entertainment in almost all houses. If one learns how to choose the exact TV size for your home, he or she will succeed in enjoying real meaning. So, before going out to measure the TV sizes, know what size will suit you. Here is an easy formula to choose the perfect size.

Choosing the Perfect TV Size

Before falling into the complexity of sizes, confirm whether the entertainment source, television, you’re going to purchase is for your whole family or just for your children. If choosing for your children, you can bring the one having HD result. However, if you’re going to purchase for your whole family, choosing one with 4k ultra HD results will be the best choice. The reason behind this is that the family will be at a distance from the TV as the number of family members will be more than just children. While children may enjoy from a less distance that is not harmful to the eyes. 

Now comes the question, ” how to choose the perfect size? “. This is also not difficult. Simply measure the distance between your sofa and the place where you intend to fix the TV. Divide the whole distance by two. The result will be the perfect required TV size. If you’re going to take the one with the 4k ultra HD result, you may go for some inches less than the half distance you measured. 

For instance, if the measured distance between your sofa and the TV place is 80 inches, a television with a 40″ screen will be the ideal choice. However, you can manage with a 38″ if investing in a 4k ultra HD TV screen. 
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How to Measure a TV screen? 

Knowing the exact dimensions of your TV can prevent many post-installation issues. Here is how to carry on with this task. 

1- How to Measure TV Diagonal Length?

Mostly, the size of the TV screen is determined with the diagonal length of the screen in inches. Diagonal length means the distance between the upper right corner and the lower-left corner of the screen. You can also go from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner. 

This size should be measured in inches. Moreover, make sure that you don’t include the bazel, frame, or corners of the TV in it. 

The most commonly used sizes range from 24″ to 30″ for smaller sizes while 70″ to 80″ for large-sized LED screens. 

Another thing that you should consider while you’re in the TV or LED shop for a TV is that the shopkeepers describe the sizes in “class”. For instance, they may describe the size as a 32″ class that also includes the frame or bezel. This means that the actual size of the screen will be slightly less than the described size. You can even use the same method if you are wondering how to measure a flat screen TV. 

2- How to Measure TV Width? 

If you want such a TV that may fit your cabinet or recess, you should be certain about its width and height too. The width and height of the TV include its frames too when it comes to the cabinet or recess-sized screens. 

So, measure the space between one end and the other of your cabinet. Then measure that of the TV that should also include the frame as your television should fit the cabinet along with its frame on both sides. 

If the rack you’re choosing to shift your entertainment source has some special arrangements for the wires, you don’t need some extra space. However, if there is no space for the wires and cables, make sure that you have selected such a size that will leave some space from one side for the wires and cables. 

3- How to Measure TV Height? 

If you want your TV to fit in a particular cabin, its height should be identical to that of your cabinet. The height will also include the frame. 

While measuring the height, start from the upper edge of the TV frame and end at the lower edge of the frame. Match this distance with that of your cabinet. 

If you’re going to include the TV stand, include its height too while measuring the height. This will be the exact way to measure the height. 

4- How to Measure TV Thickness? 

Make sure that you are going to purchase a TV that is identical to the space between the walls of your cabinet. The thickness of your television plays an important role in the exact fitting. So, check out the thickness from one edge to the other. 

If you’re going to buy one with a TV stand, check out the thickness of the stand too. If you purchased one with a thicker stand, it may fail to fit your cabin. So, measure the distance between the outer side of one foot of the stand to the outer side of the other foot. 

Final Verdict

Above are all the methods for how to measure a TV. If you have a tape measure or ruler, it’s easy to measure the size of your TV. Measuring its size before purchasing a TV will prevent many post-installation problems. So, make sure that you have selected the exact size, including the TV stand, to prevent any issue. 

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