How to Raid on Twitch

How to Raid on Twitch?

Twitch keeps adding new features in its system to facilitate its users. All this is done to make the users’ experience better and smooth. Currently, a new feature is added that is called ‘raiding’. By using this feature, a streamer can direct his viewers to the streams of any other person. This feature helped out those viewers who were struggling to observe a particular twitch scene. Twitch management named this new feature as ‘raiding’. However, it’s complicated to learn ‘how to raid on Twitch’. So, you should learn some basic things to enjoy this feature. 

If you consider that a raid on Twitch is easy and simple, you’re not right as it’s a complicated thing that can cause certain problems if you don’t know it properly. After thorough research, we’ve proposed an easy guide that can help you with raiding on Twitch. This guide will lead you towards a step-by-step procedure to raid on Twitch. So, let’s jump to the actual guide and also learn how to end a raid on Twitch. 

Raiding on Twitch

By using Twitch raiding, the steamers can also make their audience observe the content of any other channel. This is a newly added feature in twitch. 

When streamers finish the stream of their actual content, there are two options for them. 

1- Leave their audience by turning off the streaming.

2- To host by raiding on any other channel. 

There are many benefits of being so generous to raid on any other channel and stream their content on your stream. This keeps your audience attached to you. Also, if you raid any channel, there are chances of a raid back to your channel. This will increase the stream of your channel. 

How to Raid on Twitch in 3 Steps?

If you know a proper method of raiding on Twitch, it may be easy and simple for you. You can enjoy this feature by using your chatbox. It’s not necessary to move on by using just the Twitch browser, you can do this by simply using your android phone or PC. Here is how to raid someone on twitch streamlabs. 

1- Browse for the Channel to Raid

Open the chatbox on your twitch and put there the following wording: 

  • /raid ‘Channel Name’

The channel name is a flexible part as you will have to put the channel where you want to raid. You can change the channel name according to your requirements. 

2- Tap ‘Raid Now’ Tab

When you enter the channel name in the chatbox, you shall browse the channel of your interest. You’ll open a new pop-up control box. Here you’ll encounter many options but choose ‘Raid Now’ out there. 

3- Cancel or Configure Your Processing

If you want to cancel or change the channel for a raid, you can do it here. However, if you wait and don’t choose an option, the raid will automatically start after the 80s of the action. So, if you change your mind, click immediately on the cancel tab to cancel your raid. 

Once the raid starts, you’ll observe the stream of the channel that you entered in the chatbox section. So, here starts a raid and you can also learn about how to raid a channel on Twitch. 

How to raid on twitch mobile?

Twitch mobile app may facilitate you as you can manage your twitch account out there. It’s just simple and easy. The process is the same as for the PC, mentioned above. 

If your twitch mobile account is not working fine, there may be any problem in your account as you can raid someone via mobile app

Final Thoughts

Raiding on someone else’s channel is easy and simple if you know how to do this properly. However, if you’re unsure of its proper method, it will lead you to any confusion or failure during the process. Also, raiding other streamers’ accounts may prove beneficial for you.  First, it keeps your audience engaged. Secondly, your audience remains attached to you. And thirdly, there are chances of a raid back by the other streamer that may increase viewers of your channel. So, if you want to avail all these benefits, go raiding on other channels. We’ve proposed a guide to raiding someone’s channel. Hopefully, this will be beneficial for you. 

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