How to Screenshot on Iphone 12

How to Screenshot on Iphone 12 – a Quick Guide

Sometimes you want a picture of what you watch on your phone, and then you capture it that is a screenshot. All mobile devices have this option available, but there are two ways to capture a screenshot: buttons and controls. Capturing a screenshot in androids and even on iPhone 12 are so simple and easy. Those screenshots are automatically saved into the screenshots library in albums. You have an option to edit, delete, etc. Moreover, you can save these as important information and store some of your collections and memories forever. This guide will help you explain how to screenshot on iPhone 12.

How to screenshot on iPhone 12 by using buttons?

It is super easy to take screenshots and with the help of this guide, you will do it in no time. Following are the steps of how to screenshot on iPhone 12 with buttons:

  1. First of all, you have to press the side buttons available on your mobile on the right side and the volume button on the left side simultaneously.
  2. After holding these buttons, you will listen to a camera shutter sound, but if your phone is on silent, then a thumbnail will emerge, which shows a screenshot at the corner of your mobile screen.
  3. Afterward, the thumbnail will disappear; iPhone will ultimately save that screenshot on your mobile.

How to screenshot on iPhone 12 without buttons?

There are multiple ways of capturing a screenshot without any button. This method was introduced because if someone’s hardware button is not working, how can he take a screenshot? Or if someone finds it difficult to capture it by buttons:

1st method:

One of the best ways is by using a back tap, which is an accessibility feature. You can enable this feature from settings. Accessibility > touch> back tap> and then click on screenshot. This is the easiest way to capture a screenshot by clicking 2-3 times.

2nd method:

This is another fantastic method to capture a screenshot by using assistive touch. You can enable this option from settings. Accessibility > touch>assistive touch and then click on the screenshot. You can also promote this option by opening the assistive touch menu and clicking on device>more> screenshot.

Where are screenshots saved on Phone 12?

Either you capture screenshots by using a method of buttons or without buttons. They are saved in albums. You can also find the option of screenshots in the “recent” portion of the phone. The file’s name in which the iPhone captures screenshots is PNG Files.

You can also edit or delete your screenshots from the albums by selecting their options.

How to edit an iPhone screenshot after capturing it?

If you want to edit the screenshot just after taking it, you have to tap on the thumbnail after capturing it. Here, you will see an option of edit, and from here, you can crop, rotate, insert anything in that screenshot.

If you want to delete the screenshot without even saving it, then click on the trash that is available at the right corner of your mobile screen. When your editing is completed, click on “Done” and save it to photos. The image will be automatically saved to the albums in screenshots.

Is the iPhone 12 waterproof?

No, iPhone 12 is not a waterproof phone. As Apple says it, it is only water-resistant, which means all iPhone 12 models can only be dunk inside 20 feet (6 meters) of water for up to 30 minutes, and it won’t be damaged. However, according to Apple that the water-resistance of the iPhone 12 will degrade over time. Another point to be highlighted is that liquid damage won’t be in the warranty that Apple offers, then you will have to buy a new iPhone if any damage occurs because of water. You only have an option left to change your phone.

Is any model of iPhone waterproof?

None of the iPhones are fully waterproof. All models from iPhone 7 are water-resistant. But, iPhone 12 is far more waterproof than the other models of iPhones because of its unique and impressive features and creativity. The iPhone is not allowed to be used in high pressure or temperatures. Apple has dissuaded taking it into showers, swimming pools, etc. If your phone gets wet, dry it with a piece of cloth and dry it with any dryer machine or by putting it in front of a fan. Please don’t put your phone on charging while it’s wet; first, dry it thoroughly and then put it.

Following are some of the frequently asked questions:

How to screenshot on iphone12 pro max?

There are multiple methods to taking a screenshot on iPhone 12 pro max:

  • By pressing the lock button and volume button simultaneously.
  • By using a fantastic method of assistive touch, you only need to tap 2-3 times to capture a screenshot.
  • You can use the option “tap to take a screenshot” this is how to take a screenshot in iPhone 12 pro max.

How to screenshot on iPhone 12 by tapping?

You can capture a screenshot on iPhone 12 by using this way by using back the tap, which is an accessibility feature. You can enable this feature from settings. Accessibility > touch> back tap> and then click on screenshot. This is the easiest way to capture a screenshot by clicking 2-3 times. The other way is by using assistive touch.


Screenshots are beneficial nowadays, either for official use or domestic use. Anywhere you would need a screenshot, so, for that moment, if you don’t know the procedure of taking a screenshot, you must learn it. So, here we have shared a guide on how to screenshot on iPhone 12. If you want to learn to take screenshots in iPhone 12, this guide is for you. We hope that this guide on taking a screenshot on iPhone 12 would have helped you take a screenshot. To the people who are unaware of this process, this guide will surely help them a lot. So, if you are interested in more informative content like this, then support us.

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