How to See Hidden Games On Steam

How to See Hidden Games On Steam?

Sometimes, multiple people like your home members or hostel fellows have access to your PC. You can’t deny them to use the PC. However, sometimes privacy is necessary regarding games, BTC slots or other software of the system. You might like to prevent the children’s access to the games on your PC. In such a situation, you will surely love to search for such a method that can hide games on your PC. But some people get confused about the hidden games as they don’t know how to play them again. In such a case, you should know “how to see hidden games on steam?.” 

If you know the proper way to see the hidden games on steam, you can easily locate and play them. Moreover, when you gain knowledge about seeing hidden games, methods to hide games, and managing your steam library, you can play the games effectively and smoothly.  If you are unaware of ‘how to see hidden games on steam?’, this article may help you out to perform this job effectively. So, let’s move down to explore all the facts about this query why stream games are gone. 

How to See Hidden Games on Steam in 3 Steps?

It’s quite easy to see the hidden games on the steam if you know the exact process. Here is a precise method for this task. 

1- Approach ‘Steam Client’

From the menu bar, search for the ‘Steam Client’. After locating, click it to open. 

2- Open the ‘View’ Tab

After clicking the steam client, you’ll see a new interface. Browse for the ‘View’ tab. Open it. 

3- Open the ‘Hidden Games’ Tab

After clicking the ‘view’ tab, you’ll see a new page. Here you’ll encounter the ‘Hidden Games’ tab. Open it. 

Once you open the ‘hidden games’ tab, you’ll encounter all the lists of your hidden games. So, you can enjoy any of your favorites. 

How to Hide the ‘Steam Games’ In Just 4 Steps? 

If you want to view your hidden games on steam, you should also be aware of the procedure to hide your games on steam. Here is an easy and simple method to do this. 

1- Start From ‘Steam Client’

As mentioned above, open the ‘Steam Client’ from the main menu. 

2- Go to Your Library

After opening the steam client, you’ll encounter another interface. Browse for ‘Library’ here and open it. You’ll open the whole list of your games. Sometimes, it can happen that the steam library not showing all games. 

3- Select the Game to Hide

After you have opened the library, the next step is to select the games you want to hide. You can do this by right-clicking the game and then selecting the ‘manage’ tab. You will find your steam hide wishlist as well. 

4- Select the Game 

After selecting the ‘manage’ tab, hover the mouse over it. You’ll see the ‘Hide this Game’ option, select it. By doing so, you can hide any game of your choice. 

How to Unhide the “Steam Games”?

You can recover the hidden game to your Steam library by restoring it to the system. You can do this by following some simple steps. Here is a precise method to do this. 

  • Approach your hidden games. 
  • You’ll see your library of hidden steam games. 
  • Choose the ‘manage’ tab by right-clicking the game that you are going to restore. 
  • Here, tap the ‘remove from hidden’ tab.
  • After this step, your game will be restored to your simple steam library. 

What to do if the steam library is not showing all the games?

To learn about why the steam library is not showing all the games, you should dig into the issues that may cause this problem. Here is a brief introduction to these problems. 

Issues Behind Steam Library Not Showing All the Games

1- .acf File Problem

.acf files keep a record of all activities and statuses of the games. These contain all the information about the games. Sometimes, your .acf file is missing or inaccessible due to some issues. This may lead to the problem of hidden steam games. 

2- Access Problem

Certain files contain information about the display of the steam games. If your game can’t access these files, you’ll fail to approach the games. 

3- Library Issues

If you fail to properly adjust the folders within the library of your steam games, you may face any problem regarding the display of your games. 

4- Installation Problem

If you commit any mistake while installing the game on your steam, it may cause problems in the display. 

5- Poor Antivirus System

If your system doesn’t feature any authentic antivirus software, there is an alarm of virus in your system. This may also cause many problems. 

6- Purchasing Issue

If you don’t pay for your game, it may not work properly. Moreover, if you’ve paid to purchase it but your request is still pending, you’ll face certain problems in this case too. 

7- Inappropriate Location

You need to follow a particular path and a particular location to install your game. If you installed the game at an inappropriate location, it may cause problems in display. 

How to Fix It?

If your steam library is not showing all your games, you can fix it by following any of the following methods accordingly. 

  • Get the administration help to run your games appropriately if these are causing some problems. 
  • Check for your .acf file and check the game again. 
  • Check whether any filter is not on. 
  • Clear your payment for purchasing the game. If these are still pending, manage their approval to enjoy your favorite game. 
  • Check for your gaming license. 
  • Check the game by unhiding if it’s hidden. 
  • Make sure that you’ve followed the exact path and location to install your game. 
  • Check your internet connections. 
  • Update your steam account if needed. 
  • Check the backup and restore function. 
  • Make sure that you have installed appropriate antivirus software. 
  • Get assistance from a malware scanner. 
  • Uninstall the unwanted apps to release the space. 

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Final Thoughts

It’s quite easy and simple to see your hidden games if you know an appropriate method. After deep research, we’ve proposed an easy guide to view the hidden games on your steam. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you to see your steam hidden games. Moreover, check out more information on Letstechup

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