How to Send Videos on Discord

How to Send Videos on Discord? Complete Guide

How to Send Videos on Discord? Complete Guide

Do you want to know how to send videos on discord? Multimedia provides amazing platforms to stay connected with our family and friends. Among those platforms Discord is the easiest way to communicate with text messaging, voice calls, and video calls. Discord is an instant messaging and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities. This amazing platform is not only restricted to chatting, one can share content including images, files, and videos.

That could be the collection of best memories of your childhood, your best gaming moments, a video you made about a delicious recipe, or just a funny clip you found on the internet and want to pass on. 

Here we take you through How to send videos on Discord and the major issues related to sending and uploading videos on Discord.
How To

  1. Send videos on Discord web?
  2. Send videos on Discord mobile?
  3. How To Send videos on Discord android?
  4. Send videos on Discord that are greater than 8MB?

1: How to Send Videos on Discord?

Sending videos on Discord is not a big deal using a PC. First of all, you have to decide either you want to send the video in a private message or to the whole server. All you have to do is select the server you are a member of or chose the person in your inbox to whom you want to send the video. 

Now you reach the right place, at the bottom of the screen you can see the (+) icon to the left of the chatbox. Click on the (+) icon.

You have to find the video on your gaming PC which you want to send, and double click on it. It will raise the window where you can add a comment as a spoiler. It seems interesting if you are sharing a game tip but you don’t want to reveal the secret for someone who’s not reached at that stage of the game.

You have done the main part now you just need to click the upload button. After uploading, the video will be in the chat room for all the community of the server or the inbox of a friend if you sent it privately. Your friend can watch and download videos in the chat.

 2: How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile?

How to Send Videos on Discord Mobile

Sending video on Discord mobile is a very easy process. Again first of all you need to decide where you want to send the video, on the server or inbox.

If you want to send in inbox click the direct message button on the top left corner of your mobile and select the person. Now select the image icon at the left side of your chat window. It will lead you to the gallery of your mobile, select the video and click the send button. After uploading a video will be in the inbox of your friend.

If you want to send the video to the server, simply select the server instead of a direct message and repeat the same process as above.

3: How to send videos on Discord on Android?

The process of sending videos on Discord on android mobile and IOS is almost the same. It has no major difference. You will do the same process as explained in the 2nd heading.

4: How to Send Videos on Discord That Are Greater than 8mb?

If you are using a free Discord account, you have a file size limit and that is only 8 MB. There are some ways by which you can send files greater than 8MB.

Upgrade to Discord Nitro to Upload 100 MB: –

It costs $4.99per month or $49.9 per year for upgrading your account to Discord Nitro and you can upload a file up to 100MB.

Cut unwanted clips/ compress video: –

You can cut unwanted scenes from your video and compress the file but it seems like a time-consuming activity.

Upload to YouTube/ Google Drive/ DropBox: –

From the above-mentioned ways, it is the most suitable easy process, especially for large videos. You can send videos up to 128 GB. You have to upload a video on the following platforms that are YouTube/ Google Drive/ Dropbox and share the link of your video on Discord with your community on a server or with your friends in your inbox.  

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