How to Take Your Car from Drab to Fab

How to Take Your Car from Drab to Fab

You spend a lot of time in your car from Drab to Fab, so it’s only fair that you make it look as beautiful as possible. And there’s no better way to do that than by adding practical accessories that make driving a much better experience. 

Customizing your car doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Add the accessories we’ve included in this post to get the job done. They are fairly affordable and will transform your electric car instantly. 

Stay Warm with a Heated seat cushion

If you live in Alaska, South Dakota, or North Dakota, you’re aware of how uncomfortable it can be to drive in cold weather. Numb hands that can barely hold the steering wheel and a seat that feels like a pack of ice can make an already unpleasant situation worse.  

What you need is a heated seat cushion that instantly transforms your driving experience. Most have multiple heat settings and allow you to select your preferred heat level. As the car heater takes time to make your car warm, your seat will already be warm. 

Add Comfort with a Car seat Gap Filler 

If you want your car to look better than the cars you see in car stock photos, you need to customize it. Comfort is a major issue for most drivers, which is why most drivers are always trying to find the perfect driving position.

If you’re tired of constantly dropping your phone in that space between your seat and the middle console, a car seat gap filler is a must-have. It stays in place even when you adjust your seat. It will make a great addition to your car–you’ll no longer have to worry about keys falling down–or losing items and having to search for them.

Refresh the Style with a Leather Steering Wheel Cover

Every time you drive, your hands are literally wrapped around the steering wheel. Don’t settle for less and use the steering wheel cover your car came with, get a leather steering wheel. It will add instant class to your car and is also very durable. 

Leather steering wheel covers are very easy to install and are the most durable of all covers (they can last 10-15 years!). You may spend a little more than you would on synthetic or rubber covers, but you’ll get your money’s worth. Leather is soft to the touch and can give a rugged steering wheel a luxurious touch.

Upgrade the Wheels and Tires

You can tell a lot about a driver based on their car’s wheels and tires. Upgrading the pair not only makes your car look beautiful, it also makes for a smoother ride. If you’re going for a flashy look, get chrome wheels and spinning parts. If your car has steel wheels and hubcaps, changing the wheels and tires is a great way to change the aesthetic.

Unless you drive a Maybach or a Rolls Royce, don’t settle for the accessories your car came with. Class up your ride and enjoy driving every day.

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