Instagram Story Ideas

Instagram Story Ideas: All You Need To Know

There’s a lot more to Instagram than sunsets, selfies, and cropped food photos. It’s no wonder that 85% of big brands are adopting the platform as a way to reach their audiences, with Facebook at its helm and the number of active users growing every month.

On Instagram, over one billion active monthly users share 95 million photos each day, and over 4.2 billion “likes” are awarded to those images and videos. 

Just consider how much engagement you would generate if your posts & Instagram story ideas generated half that much. 

You are more likely to reach and be heard by your users when they’re so actively involved with your brand, resulting in increased sales. With great instagram story covers, a good instagram model, &  right instagram story size.

How To Save Someone’s Instagram Story?

You can save individual clips from your Instagram stories (e.g., one selfie or boomerang instead of the entire story) by following these steps:

  1. Simply click “Your Story” at the upper left to open your own Story.
  2. In the lower right corner of your Story, tap the three dots that say “More.”
  3. Then, click “Save…” and “Save Video”.

How to share the story on Instagram?

How to share the story on Instagram
  1. You can send a message by tapping on the message icon in the upper right-hand corner of Instagram.
  2. As soon as you’ve been tagged in an article, open the message you received
  3. Add it to your Story by tapping ‘Add to Story’, then tap ‘Send’.
  4. After selecting your edits, proceed with publishing the work as normal. It will appear for 24 hours in your profile before disappearing.

Does instagram show when you screenshot a story?

Can you see if someone screenshots your instagram story? Or does instagram notify when you screenshot a post? 

If someone screenshots their post on Instagram, they don’t receive a notification. Furthermore, the app does not notify a user when their story has been screenshotted by someone else.

This means that Instagram users are able to sneakily steal screenshots of other users’ accounts.

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Can you see who views your instagram story?

It is possible to see who has viewed your Instagram Story. The next 24 hours will see your insta stories begin to collect views once it’s live. 

The instagram story viewer, when compared to Instagram videos, lets you know specifically who viewed each one, rather than providing you with a total view count.

What’s the right way to do this & what are some of the best Instagram story ideas?

Using Instagram for business marketing in 2021 requires a few dos. Also, find some Instagram story ideas.  

Plan ahead

True, Instagram Stories should be used to make real, authentic posts on the fly. There’s more to it than that, however. Regardless of what you are posting, or if you want to add add a link to instagram story, you still should consider what you want to achieve with your Stories. 

What is their primary purpose? Are they basically to display your mouthwatering meals? Are you highlighting your restaurant’s work culture and team members? 

Are you letting us into the restaurant backstage? Is that correct? It will be easier to craft meaningful content if you know why you are using Instagram Stories.

Be consistent with some Instagram story ideas

Consistency is key for Instagram Stories & instagram story backgrounds, just like for any social media platform. They tend to stop checking Instagram Stories if they see them only one day, then not the next, or if they disappear for several weeks in a row. 

Your profile could be impacted in that way. In order to ensure your Stories are consistently updated, post several times throughout the day.

Switch things up for some Instagram story ideas

It’s important to be consistent with frequency. However, variety keeps things interesting when it comes to content. You can keep your Instagram Stories content feeling fresh with Instagram Stories. There are options for adding text and filters, as well as for posting photos and videos. 

Using videos divided up into 15-second segments (similar to how Stories allow users to view the content for 15 seconds at a time), you can even create your own mini-series. Therefore, feel free to experiment with your audience and see what works.

Engage your audience with stickers

As opposed to regular posts, Instagram Stories allows you to add a little context and personality to your photos and videos by adding texts and stickers. 

Stickers increase engagement and your post’s visibility by increasing the number of people that see your post.

Be Personal/Real with some Instagram story ideas

Living a little through a story is the perfect opportunity. There is no need to curate and display everything you post perfectly. 

You can also describe how your company comes up with ideas for events and limited-time offers. Bring them into the company’s world.

In addition, follow up with readers after posting a story. Brand loyalty is increased by interacting with followers through Direct Messages. 

Do you struggle to keep up with all the mentions of your business? Direct messaging can be scaled automatically using tools like InstaChamp

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