iPad 8th Generation reviews

iPad 8th Generation Reviews – Best Value or Not?

Apple iPad 8th generation is one of the best value iPad by Apple company. Since its launch, this unique featured iPad has revolutionized the industry. As it’s less expensive than iPad Air and iPad mini, it’s a great choice for fans of iPads. Though it lacks many features as compared to the iPhone Air, it’s good enough in such a normal budget range. Its unique features are worth its price as no pad of any other company will be so economical for you. Many features of this iPad put it above its other competitors. Apple iPad 8th generation will be the most interesting and most reliable experience if you’ve never used iPads before. 

However, if you’re a permanent user of any of the iPad mini or Air, you’ll have to compromise over some of its features. Due to its availability at a relatively low price, this 8th generation iPad lacks some of the features that are present in the above-mentioned devices. However, you’ll not regret investing in such a device no matter what device you’ll own previously. With a unique design, innovative features, and many other qualities, the 8th generation iPad of Apple will be a memorable experience for you. 

If you’re an amateur user of iPads and are looking for a budget-friendly option, this device will be the ideal one for you. To clear all your confusion regarding this unique outlet, we’ve proposed a precise guide. This guide will be discussing all the features of the 8th generation iPad. Also, some interesting facts about it will be discussed in the later section. So, let’s move down to exploring something new and beneficial. 

When Did the iPad 8th Generation Come Out? 

People started feeling boredom from the 7th generation iPad as it was not replaced for a long time. They were anxiously waiting for some new generation of iPads. Finally, the iPad 8th generation ended its wait in 2020. The Apple company finally announced the entry of a new generation of iPad to the market on September 15, 2020. Just 3 days after the announcement, this unique outlet was made available for the customers on September 18, 2020. 

Now, you can order this average budget gadget to enjoy your favorite videos and games on a big screen. Its exceptional features make it the best option for its users. Also, the attractive design of this innovative outlet attracts users. Many other features became the center of people’s attention soon after the launching of the 8th generation iPad by Apple. 

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Technical Features of iPad 8th Generation

Here is all about the technical aspects of the iPad 8 generation that are the center of people’s attention nowadays. 

1- Extraordinary Display

One of the most attractive features of the Apple 8th generation iPad is its display. Along with the 13-inch large display, it features high resolution too. It offers high-quality pictures with a maximum resolution of 1620×2160. The quality of the picture is also superb, up to 264 pixels per inch. All these features add up to make the 8th generation iPad’s display outstanding. 

2- Super Fast Processor

The feature that makes the iPad 8 generation one of the most powerful and unique gadgets by the Apple company is its processor. It features A12 Bionic Chip by Neural Engine. With the introduction of this chip, neural engines entered into the iPhone series.

3- High-Resolution Rare Camera 

The camera is one of those features that are most precisely observed while purchasing any Tab or cell phone. The outlet under discussion has a unique back camera with an 8MP sensor and an aperture with a focal length of 2.4f. The front camera is also very unique and has a 1.2MP sensor. 

4- Internal Storage

Like the camera, storage is also one of those features that are checked at any cost before purchasing any device. The iPad 8 generation features 32GB to 128GB storage. Different variants of iPhone 8th generation 128GB, as well as 32GB, are available at slightly different prices. 

5- Affordable Price

Unlike iPad Air and Mini, the iPad 8 generation is very economical. One can buy this just for $329. It’s the best option with a slim and sleek design and within a normal budget range.  

6- Long Lasting Battery

The battery life of any device means a lot. Different iPads may have different battery life depending upon their models. The iPad 8th generation offers a unique battery that has a life of up to 10 hours. It means you can use it for ten hours in just a single charge. 

7- Maximum Ports

The Apple iPad 8th generation has a variety of ports that make it a unique choice for the users. Here are different ports that this iPad features. 

  • Headphone port
  • Lightening and charging port
  • A headphone port
  • Keyboard case to connect a keyboard

8- Great Performance

For those who want to handle their tough and compulsory tasks on iPads, the 8th generation iPad is the best option. The powerful and unique processor accompanied by many other unique parts makes its functions superb. Also, it will be an effective choice for those who want a full HD result of movies, dramas, and other entertainment sources. You can use it to read different books and news on a large screen. However, it’s less speedy than the Air and Mini iPads by Apple. 

All the above-mentioned features are attracting more and more customers to this unique iPad. Due to all these unique features, this outlet is becoming one of the best options.

Cons Of Apple iPad 8th Generation

Here are some of the disadvantages of the Apple iPad 8th generation. 

  • Just 32GB core memory is far lower than many other variants of iPads. 
  • Low result of the selfie camera. 

Final Thoughts

Since it entered the market, the iPad 8th generation has been one of the best choices for most customers. Most people love such an outlet that features a high-resolution screen, long battery life, and a powerful processor. All these features can be found in the Apple 8th generation iPad. However, if you want to purchase an iPad for storing your large-size files, avoid investing in it as it will run short of memory after some days. 

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