Laurae Coltart Westwood

All About Laurae Coltart Westwood

Laurae Coltart Westwood is now known as Lee Westwood’s ex-wife who is a golf player, She is also known as the sister of a Scottish golfer whose name is Andrew Coltart. Laurae Coltart Westwood gets married to Lee. Lee Westwood is one of the best golfers who won many tournaments in different countries such as North America, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. He gained victories on the European tour and the PGA tour. In four decades Lee has won the tournaments in the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s. 

He became famous and got the name of European Tour Golfer of the Year. Their married life was about 16 years. After that, they separated in the year 2015. After about 2 years of separation, their divorce was finalized in the year 2017. Later then Lee decided to go to Europe for a tour. When we talk about her family, Laurae has not shared any information regarding her parents and siblings.

Age of Laurae Coltart Westwood

When we talk about the age of Laurae Coltart Westwood, she was born in the year 1975 and now she is 46 years old. She never reveals her actual birthday details. 

Laurae Coltart Westwood Net Worth

She owns a very exceedingly large amount, and there is no doubt about that. She earned alimony from her ex-husband Lee Westwood after their divorce. According to celebrity net worth, her husband Lee has an estimated net worth of about $40 million. And it is a significant amount. 

The new Relationship status of Laurae Coltart Westwood

Laurae Westwood has not talked about her new relationship socially. After she got divorced from Lee Westwood, she has not shared any news of her new partner and also whether she is dating or not. Whether there is no news or rumor about her new relationship status. 

The profession of Laurae Coltart Westwood

By profession, Laura is a beauty therapist. Her ex-husband Lee and her brother, Laurae Coltart also featured on a wiki page. Laurae went to beautician school before she got married and then opened a salon named Fringe Benefits. Which is at her school town, Thrown Hill. 

In the year 1995, Laurae met her ex-husband for the first time at Scottish Open. Lee and Laurae Coltart get married in the year 1999. But they took their ways separated in 2015. And finally, got a divorce in 2017. 

Lee and Laurae have two children together. They are blessed with a girl and a boy. Their son’s name is Samuel Bevan Westwood and their daughter’s name is Poppy Grace Westwood. 

Laurae Coltart Westwood on social media

All the fans were amazed when they got to know that Laurae has no account on social media platforms. Some of them get disappointed because why want to see updates of Laurae on daily basis. Yet she is not found on Facebook, Instagram, and also on Twitter

Laurae Coltart Westwood Relationship 

The wife of Lee Westwood, Laurae Coltart is the sister of Lee’s former Ryder Cup teammate named Andrew Coltart. Recently, this couple became part of Palm Beach. Laurae filled her duty as a mother along with writing for in 2019 during Ryder Cup. 

In Relationship between Lee Westwood and Laurae Westwood, it becomes a series of fights because Lee has extra-marital affair. They decided to take different paths in life. After separation, the children settled in Scotland with Laurae. Lee Westwood gets married to his girlfriend, whose name is Caddy Helen Storey. They organized a surprise wedding in Las Vegas. 

Some known Facts of Laurae Coltart Lee Westwood

  • In 1999. Lee and Laurae get married. 
  • The married life of Laurae and Lee Westwood is about 16 years
  • After 16 years they divorced each other 
  • Laurae has two children from her ex-husband, Lee, Poppy Grace Westwood, and Samuel Bevan Westwood.
  • One of their children was born in 2001 and one in 2004.  
  • Aside from Lee Westwood’s wife, Laurae is also known as the sister of Scottish golfer, whose name is Andrew Coltart 
  • The profession of Laurae Coltart Westwood is a beauty therapist. 
  • Laurae has not been found on any social media platforms. She is not on Facebook, Instagram and also not on Twitter. 

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