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How Google Celebrated Pacman 30th Anniversary?

Google is famous around the world due to its ever-changing logo and home page for special events and days. Recently, Google celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary which was the most hyped game in the world. On the 30th anniversary, Japan launched Pac-Man’s new version that lets you steer your pizza-shaped protagonist. It is around a maze that spells the Google name. There are even ghosts named Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde. 

Pac-Man introduced board games, cartoons, stationery items, lunch boxes, and so much more in our life. It was a successful hit in the gaming and entertainment world. It became the world’s leading game in 1980. When it was released, there were no big hopes from it as it was supposed to be a cute and fun game. The main target audience was beginners, but tell us now that won’t you be playing the new version?

A lot of people do not know that the first name of the game was Puck-Man when it was released in Japan. But, due to the demand around the world of the game, it was distributed in a short time after the release. For the special celebration of this game, Google has added its game in the logo. Google got a lot of positive feedback from around the world from the fans of this game. 

How Google Celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary? How to play?

How Google Celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary? How to play?

If you want to play simply click the button of I’m feeling lucky. But, the twist is that the button is changed and has become an insert coin. However, the game will start on its own as well. Google pac man is also offering something new now. Google Pacman is now making sure that 2 players can play. You just have to go to Pacman online and click two times. The second person can control the movements by using the WASD keys. 

The Google programmer and user interface say that when he was growing up he thought his dad had the perfect job. His father was an arcade game and pinball technician. For him, learning programming and engineering secrets was like a summer trip. Pacman Google was one of them and being a child playing this game was everything. 

Why the 30th anniversary of Pacman Has a lot of Fans?

You might have not heard of a lot of celebrations of the previous year. Of course, Namco does it every year. But, this year apart from the owner Google woke up the fans of this game. The anniversary came at the time when the original game was released which made this day more special. Therefore, Namco released a new edition for the fans as an anniversary gift of Pac-Man. 

The game is available on both iOS and Android. Moreover, the users of PlayStation and Xbox can also play it. For the 40th anniversary, they have planned so much more which is coming this year on 22 May 2022. So, get ready as you will be seeing a lot of new games. Moreover, the company is doing a partnership with Amazon so you can play live Pac-Man on there too. 

There can be teams and more players added to the game to increase the fun. So, if you have been a die-hard fan of this game, you have to check out the latest updates. There is no doubt that it was the best arcade game known around the world and it still holds a special place in the gaming industry. 

Even if you have just joined, you will see that it will bring you hours of fun, making these moments memorable. You can play this game with your younger brothers and sisters or cousins that do not know about this game yet. 

How Google celebrated Pacman 30th anniversary? A free and causal game:

There is no doubt that this Pacman game was state of the art in the 1980s. At that time, the company put billions of dollars into this game. And soon it came to the home computers. On the 30 anniversary Pac man, let’s remember that this was the first video game that allowed females to play. It attracted women when at that time only the players were just boys. 

Wichary says that the Pacman logo seemed like a natural fit on the Google homepage. Both are perfect and straightforward completing each other. Moreover, we all feel attached to it as it brings back some of the best moments of our childhood. Like first of all when I saw it I thought I’m feeling adventurous Google. Like it is a must that you have to play Pac-man. And, we do not have any quarters playing this game. 

Some fans also wanted new versions of Ms. Pac-Man as well. Well, worry not as with the new anniversary you will be seeing some of the best-advanced features in this one too. You should know that Ms. Pac-Man was by Midway so both companies are working on it. But, at first, Ms.Pac-Man was selling without the consent of Namco. Midway obtained a license to make it but not sell it. 

Pac-Man VS Nintendo GameCube:

Another version that came and people loved was Pacman vs Nintendo GameCube. It was an advanced-level version in which there was a multiplayer feature back in the old times. You had the option to control the ghosts and there could be your friends playing with you. There was a feature of switching systems and taking shifts. Then, there was Pacman Twisty Puck-Man, which was more like a puzzle but a fun game. 

In this, you had to push the ghosts to reach the end of the game and solve the maze. Moreover, a lot of people wonder where all of these ideas come from. The original Pacman was the one that started these ideas. You can celebrate the anniversary by getting a Pac-Man badge which is a great sign of honor for the fans and shows the success of this game. 

Pacman game is one of the best arcade games that have programming and coding. We love the fact that this game was beyond that time and we should all pay a tribute to Pacman 30th anniversary. You might be able to remember those memories when you used to play it on the arcades. Now, we have it on our smartphones and laptops to play whenever we want. Google paid its tribute by making the doodle of Pacman. 

This game takes us back to the Golden days of video games. You might start today and you cannot stop yourself from playing again and again. Some people also remember that it hit pop culture like crazy. People cannot stop talking about it and wherever you go you will see the Pacman logo on everything in the market. 

Everyone is celebrating 30 anniversary of Pac man:

The best part is that Google is not the only one who is celebrating Pac-Man’s birthday. The Museum of Computing in Swindon is also celebrating the new maze introduced by Japan. There is also a venue where the Google Pac man is celebrated with retro machines. You will be able to play Pacman there. 

Moreover, at this time we can all remember how much we wanted the Pacman unblocked and Pacman xon unblocked. We used to look for Pacman cheat codes and Pacman unblocked games. Even the Pac-man underwater used to be famous. It is like the old memories coming back. So, people around the world, websites, platforms, and Google is celebrating this day. The 30th anniversary was a big hit and we can only expect what next year Japan will bring forth. 

Another important factor that the people do not know here is that Pacman was based on the character of Mouth. It was not a completely planned game but based on a character that got fame 30 years back. The Doodle programming had to make sure that even today people take time to play this game. The original retro video games are available and people even have them in their homes. Ms. Pac Man was the most bought game at that time. Not only by boys but also girls. 

Pacman 40th anniversary and doodle:

Pacman was a great hit that even the parents were confused back then because the kids couldn’t stop playing this game. It was one of the first games that were popular among women too. Now, Google aims to revive the same trend of 1980. Like making a simple game, with endless features to enjoy and fascinate the new Doodle version that will come in May. Pacman 30th anniversary was a success as all the people wanted to know about the new versions of the game.

Google honored the game as well and created the game with 255 levels and the same sound, graphics, and features. So, people can play it on their platform easily. While Google was doing that, most of us remembered this game and most of our childhood memories. It was released with 10 other games to increase social distancing in people so they can stay at home and play games. 

In May 2021, Doodle had a variety of games and one of them was Pac-man. The estimate is that around 1 billion people from around the world played the game through Google. So, it was a big celebration for the Pacman as Namco was happy to know that the fans haven’t forgotten this game. Currently, all the people are wondering what this year holds for them. Well, get excited as there are a lot of new features, variations, and platforms for Pac-man coming up. Especially the partnership with Amazon, and the new feature of multiplayer.

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