This is not a trick. It’s true. But you can also play Ms. PacMan doodle on Google Maps and really. Google has given its iOS and Android Google Maps an arcade-style overhaul to get ahead of this day full of laughter. For playing, you need to launch the app and click on the pink Pacman 30th Anniversary decorated circle at the corner in the lower right in the same place that the standard navigation and location buttons are.

After pressing the button, you’ll be able to observe as your location is transformed into a game-like level of Ms. Pac-Man by having your street playing as the game’s board. The game is easy. Just tap in the direction that you’d like to go. Then, let out a squeal of laughter while your way to the shops transforms into a delicious dots-adorned escape route away from the ghosts that haunt you.

Pac-Man, also known as Pacman doodle google, is a game based on an exciting idea. A round-faced pizza-shaped character eats dots in the Maze. It was launched initially in Japan on 22nd May 1980. The Namco-created Google Doodle Pacman game was initially titled as Puck-Man. 

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Pac Man Doodle Pacman 30th Anniversary – The History

Japanese Video Game Designer – Toru Iwatani 1980, designed the game. The game’s design and development started in April 1979, and it took less than a year to be completed. After that, Midway Games licensed it for commercial distribution within the US.

 Then, Pacman’s 30th Anniversary was released in the US more than five weeks after Japan. The game immediately hit the market and quickly became one of the top-selling games.

PacMan Doodle Google Online

This video game, Pacman’s 30th Anniversary, is colorful with fun and hilarious characters, an easy-to-use interface, and comfortable designs. That sounds quite FUN. Pacman’s 30th Anniversary was the subject of a lot of publicity.

 Because of its Interactive Google doodles and animated designs on the site. As of now, it’s likely to say that close to 1 billion people played the google Doodles Pac-Man. In the end, Google has turned the logo into a playable online version.

How to Download and Play Pacman 30th Anniversary on PC?

Google Doodle has brought back the popular 2010 PC game Pacman to assist people in getting bored. So, if you’re in a COVID circumstance and you do not have anything to do, play the Google Doodle Pacman game for the first time. We are sure you’ll enjoy it. This is a thorough guide on the steps you can download Pacman and play it on a PC.

Play On PC

  • The first step is first to install BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Next, look for PAC-MAN now in your search engine.
  • When you locate it, Click Install.
  • Complete the sign-in process to download the game.
  • Once the installation has been completed after the installation is complete, tap on the Pacman icon on the main screen to start playing.

Play On Google Maps

1st April 2017, Google released an exciting Easter egg that lets you participate in Pacman’s 30th Anniversary within Google maps. So what are the steps to take to avail this unique feature from Google? The procedure is simple: go to Google Maps and hit the Pacman doodle game icon on the bottom left corner of Google maps.

Now, after you have clicked Google.

Doodles Pac Man button, Google will bring you to a zoomed-in region with various roads. In addition, it will assist you in learning how to play the Pacman 30th anniversary game playable. You could even remove the map and change it to another.

  • Crazy Facts about PacMan 30th Anniversary

Below, we’ve listed some information regarding Pacman doodle 30th Anniversary that will surely leave you insane!


The game’s strategy is simple. Help Pac-Man eat fruit and move the dots of Pac-Man to get through the Maze and stay clear of ghosts. There are only three lives. You will also have a bonus life that is 10000 points. The real test will come after the 255 levels.

It is possible to neutralize ghosts using power pallets located in the four corners of the Maze.

Ghosts can be eaten and eaten with the power pallet, but over time, the time it takes to be consumed by the ghost diminishes. Ghosts also increase their speed, so you must take your time and make the right moves.

Level 256 – The ‘Kill Screen’

When you reach the 256th level of Pacman Doodle Google, it will be split-screen. The left part of the game will transform into a hotchpotch mix of numbers, fruits, and fruits, rendering the game unmanageable.’

Winning the Perfect doodle Pacman Score

The highest score you can achieve during Pacman’s 30th Anniversary will be 3,333,360. In 1999 that was Billy Mitchel who achieved it. Since then, nobody has been able to break the record until now.

The Pacman Ghosts

Google’s draws Pac-Man Ghosts are of four colors and have different names.

  • Red – Oitake (Japan), Shadow (US).
  • Pink – Machibuse (Japan), Speedy (US).
  • Cyan – Immature (Japan), Bashful (US).
  • Orange – Tooke (Japan), Pokey (US).
  • The Closing Words

Hello readers! This article was about the most popular arcade game Pac Man doodles that you can play – Pacman’s 30th Anniversary. Based on our own experience, it’s a lot of fun to play Pacman doodle for several months. So it’s also worth giving it a go in case this guide has ignited your curiosity about the game.