Paris Berelc is a well-known American actress and a model. Paris Berelc’s age is 22 years. She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the USA on December 29, 1998. She was raised by her parents in that very same place, Milwaukee. Paris Berelc’s age was 4 when she started dancing. Then she was engaged in learning gymnastics till the age of 9. At the age of 9, she was discovered by Ford Models Chicago as a model. From here she started her modeling career at the very small age of 9. This is the age when the children used to learn the small things.

She was talented from the start. After a few years later Paris Berelc started her acting career. From the very start of her career, she was very passionate, and she got fame in no time. Paris Berelc’s born name was Paris Maryjo Berelc. Her eye color is brown.

Paris Berelc has 3 younger sisters. the first one is Bless Berelc who is also an aspiring and great actress. Then come Joelie Berelc who is a gymnast and following in her sister’s footsteps. And third and the youngest one is Skye Berelc. 

Paris Berelc Instagram is quite famous for its updates in the film industry. Her Instagram is with a username of @theparisberelc. She has 2.6 followers, 641 following with 1695 posts. She posted a lot of pictures of her and Jack kissing hugs and other love pictures.    

Paris Berelc Movies and TV Shows:

Paris Berelc with her family arrived in Los Angeles in 2013 and right after that, she started doing the leading roles in the acting. She quickly throws her first TV major role on the Disney XD series “Mighty Med”. She followed up with the TV movie “Invisible Sister”. In the year 2016, Paris Berelc joined the two shows, Disney XD’s “Lab Rats: Elite Force ” and the web series,” WTH: Welcome to Howler”. She showed a lot of talent at a young age. In 2018, she had a nabbing part in the series “#squadgoals” and along with this she joined the cast of the Netflix series “Alex & Katie”. 

Her lowest rated movie was “Tall Girl” with a 38% rating. Alexa & Katie is the most scored and highly rated web series of Paris barrels. Paris Berelc made her debut in the TV industry in the TV series Health corner 2004. Paris Berelc movies and tv show list included the following:

  • Mighty Med
  • Alexa & Katie
  • Lab Rats: Elite Force
  • Invisible Sister
  • Tall Girl
  • Hubie Halloween
  • The Thundermans
  • The Crew
  • Confessional
  • Deadly Scholars
  • Just Kidding
  • WTH: Welcome to Howler
  • #Squadgoals

Paris Berelc and Jack Griffo:

Paris Berelc and Jack Griffo

This beautiful actress Paris Berelc was in a relationship with Jack Griffo. This couple remained in the relationship for more than three years. They were noted to be dating in the year 2016. The couple announced this relationship as official in 2017. 

Jack Griffo is also an actor and famous for the movies. Jack Griffo and Paris Berelc did the series Alexa & Kattie together as a couple. They posted a lot of pictures of their kissing and hugs on Instagram and other social media accounts. The couple has been posting other loving photos followed by j-14.

 In August 2019, social media was fired when Paris posted a photo in which she was kissing Pete Yarosh. But the couple surprised the audience one more time when they got together in 2020. And now again they are separated and are also in their ways.

Paris Berelc is only 22 years old, and she dated Jack for three years. This means that she started dating in her teenage years. According to the sources, it is updated that she was in a relationship with two other men other than Jack. 

Paris Berelc was in a short relationship with the actor, Peyton Meyer. She was also in a relationship with rising actor, Aramis Knight.

After a long dating life with Jack Griffo, she posted a kissing picture with Rhys Athayde. Rhys Athayde is a Gym Trainer, and she posted the pictures with her friends.

Although Paris didn’t claim that she is in a relationship with Athayde. But it seems through their social media that they are together.