There are a lot of pictures of pecky cypress on the internet. People have been asking about it lately that what kind of wood is that. Is it cheaper? A lot of questions have come into the mind of people wondering about it. Sometimes it is just a normal piece of wood with a texture but sometimes it gives an antique look as well. The pecky cypress wood is light in color with a straight grain that is usually found in Southern Swamplands. 

People can easily identify it due to their uniqueness and ariel roots which are knees. These kinds of trees are deciduous and you might find only 10% cypress trees. As they are much older than the general ones that are what makes them unique. These trees have needle-like leaves that are shed in the winter. Still, their beautiful design is something to talk about.

There is a fun fact about this wood that its design is the result of a fungus which airborne. It usually happens after the tree gets damage due to a limb break, fire, or any damages in the bark. It’s normal in the trees of pecky cypress as they could even get damage with lightning struck. The fungi are set up in the living tissues of the tress and start growing in the wood. When the tree is cut, you can see the design made by the fungus growth. After the cutting, fungus died and you can use it as wood. 

Uses of Pecky Cypress:

Pecky cypress wood is a popular choice when it comes to creating unique ceilings and tabletops. Especially, pecky cypress paneling is quite famous nowadays. The wood is highly durable and you can paint them according to your own choice. As it is a rare wood, people find it to be unique. With a shiny touch, it will become a glorious artifact for your house or office. 

We do believe that when it comes to design rarely is quite beautiful. There has been extreme demand going on for this wood but of course, it is rare. Not a lot of people can get their hands on this wood. As it is only available in 10% of the adult trees that are growing for a long time. 

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What Is Pecky Cypress – What Causes Pecky Cypress?

It takes us back to the Victorian days when the use of marble and granite started. The modern kitchens and exclusive building materials were everything. There was the implication of using high-quality materials that shows the glory of those days. The rarer a material, the more was its value and show. 

But we cannot deny the fact there is always a reason behind something being rare. Sometimes it is unethical to endanger species of flora and fauna because they look rare. There is so much in the world that has a beauty that we cannot even say in simpler words. One such example here is the pecky cypress. On the Southern and Gulf Coastal plans, pecky cypress is highly popular. 

It is a special wood that is rare due to the design by a fungus that keeps growing in the wood. The special panelings are now high in demand as people like to place these rare pieces on the walls. You will find a lot of closer images of this wood and we must say that it’s highly incredible. Its formation and years of growing fungus make it so rare and beautiful that we cannot express it easily. 

Pecky Cypress Is Expensive:

A lot of people have been asking about this wood and whether it’s cheaper or not. It’s highly expensive but you can found some pretty good deals with wholesalers or dealers. Due to its increased demand, the prices of this wood are going higher every single day. Its pieces are used in a variety of ways and you will find many antisemitic artifacts that are due to the beauty of pecky cypress wood. 

The best part is that this wood does not endanger the trees as it is usually in adult trees. The fungus grows for years and years till you cut them down and the fungus dies. Its beautiful formation is something you must see or try to get your hands on it.