A quick guide: How to Refresh Outlook Email

Microsoft Outlook has become a popular email client. It is very hard to find anyone who is not familiar with this name, particularly those who are into business or associated with exchanging emails. This article will give you an insight into Microsoft Outlook and the ways how to refresh outlook email. 

Microsoft Outlook:

Outlook is a PMI web application that comprises webmail and arranging contacts. Calendaring and other task services. Introduced in July, 1996 as a Hotmail and later evolved in 2012 into Outlook, This PMI web app has more than 400 million active users. 

Outlook Services:

With an Outlook, we can perform multiple tasks such as: 

  • Send and Receive an Email
  • Maintaining information about the people and organizations whom you contact
  • Keeping a calendar of your appointments, events, ad meetings 
  • Keep track of your to-do list 
  • Maintaining a journal of your activities
  • Saving miscellaneous notes 
  • Direct Access web pages

Outlook is the primary client for Microsoft Exchange Server, it can be used on standalone computers and on computers that utilize messaging systems other than Exchange. 

Prominent Features

  • Security and Privacy: Outlook is determined to preserve users’ privacy while keeping Google guidelines into consideration. Outlook is restricted from scanning emails or sending any sort of attachments for advertising information 
  • Office Web Integration: It allows the viewing and editing of MS Excel, Word, or Powerpoint that are sent across emails. The files can be accessed through web browsers.
  • Skype Integration: Skype can be launched or accessed with the help of an outlook which enables people to connect through video or audio interaction. Skype is used by many to carry on their business meetings and collaborations.
  • Discord Integration: Outlook has a Discord integration which is useful for gamers to send or receive videos on discord. It helps in managing server roles and notifications.

Installation Process: 

Outlook can be installed into the PCs, laptops, or any other smartphone device easily with simple steps: 

  • You need to locate Outlook either from the official website of Microsoft office (microsoft.com). 
  • Once you locate the Outlook app, click the Install button; you will need to accept the access terms to proceed, and the download and installation will begin. Once the installation has been completed, you may launch the app by clicking Open.
  • Next, enter your email address and click Continue. After the account is recognized, you will be prompted to click the Get Started button. Enter your email and password to access the mails
  • Once you sign in, you will be presented with a brief tutorial on some of the features of the Outlook app. You will then be directed to your Focused Inbox.

You will now have an Outlook shortcut icon on your home screen and in your Applications folder; click the icon to access your email.

Why Outlook is not refreshing automatically?

refresh outlook email min

There are many reasons why Outlook is not refreshing the emails anymore. Lack of proper connection and its connectivity with the Exchange servers could be some of the reasons why it doesn’t function properly.

If all of the above is fine, then refreshing or restraining the PC can fix this problem. Furthermore, below mentioned steps can guide you on how to refresh outlook emails. 

What is the method to refresh the outlook?

If you are looking forward to an easy method on how to refresh outlook email, then this can be done with a few simpler steps: 

  1. Firstly, Launch an outlook application on your device 
  2. Select the File> Options 
  3. The Click on the Mail Setup Lab
  4. Below the All Accounts tab, check the box that states include this category in send/receive. 
  5. Choose the option that states Program an automatic send/receive each “XX” minutes. XX minutes indicate the difference between each refresh. 
  6. Select Ok to save all the changes made

How to refresh outlook Manually

Usually, The function of refreshing an outlook works on its own. In case you still find trouble refreshing emails then go to the Send/Receive tab and select Send/Receive All Folders. This option forces Outlook to perform the operation to look for any incoming or outgoing messages. 

This button acts as a quick fix to the problem in which outlook doesn’t refresh itself automatically. 


When it comes to the process of how to refresh outlook email, it is very easy for anyone who knows how to handle a computer or has dexterity in the computer. By following these few simple steps, one can fix the process easily manually, and automatically. 

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