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A Quick Review of Hw-q90r Samsung Soundbar

Ready to fall in love with the new Samsung soundbar? Well, this company has always been providing the top quality products to its customers. Even though some products are a little pricey, they always provide the best performance. The Samsung hw-q90r soundbar is the best for its versatile options and perfect soundbars. It has overall great audio, focused sound, and gives the perfect listening experience. 

You will also see that it comes with a lot of connection options. There is a choice of wired and wireless based on your needs. Moreover, the setup is easy to install and it gives a high-end feeling. For those who are looking for premium setups, this can be the best choice for you. 

Samsung Soundbar Hw-q90r Pros and Cons:


  • Amazing audio and sound quality 
  • There are multiple connective options to cater to your needs
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS gives a great experience at high volume 
  • With this immersive experience, it is easy to set up and installs
  • Gives a premium look 


  • Comes with a small interface screen 
  • It has a very wide bar compared to the other designs in the market
  • There is no room connection 
  • There are limited HDMI inputs 

Samsung Soundbar Hw-q90r Design:

Samsung Soundbar Hw-q90r Design:

You might find that the design of this Samsung q90r soundbar is quite familiar. It is only because it’s identical to Samsung’s previous featured HW-N950. Well, if you have any experience with that one, you will surely find this to be worth buying. As it has a good design with a carbon silver finish. In the design, you can see that there are wide soundbars more like the modern television screens. But, it has a good appearance overall. 

If you consider this design then make sure that you have plenty of space available in your room. With a simple LED display, you will see a light coming from the soundbar when you give a command. Moreover, every basic information you want to know about the product comes in the packaging. There are many controls for volume, sound adjustments, base, power, and much more. 

Samsung Soundbar Hw-q90r Performance:

Now, let’s talk about the performance of this amazing Samsung soundbar with a subwoofer. With immersive audio, the skill set of this device is quite great. A lot of experts have already concluded their reviews by testing the sound capabilities of this soundbar. You can add more channels to your stereo as well. If you are thinking about the Standard sound mode, there is no competition. 

We all know that Samsung provides a great experience through its range of products. And, with this soundbar, you are getting a nuanced sonic performance. A lot of opportunities, excellent separation of speakers, precise tuning, and an impressive stereo. Well, you cannot ask for better than this. There are so many controls available on the Samsung soundbar remote for you as well. 

It outdid the other series as well due to the object-based audio it provides as a value. It resembles the Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. You will love the clarity and overall soundtracks with the base and high-tech focus. On the interface, there are sound levels that also make the experience for you super easy. There is voice assistant support, bar control, latency, and wireless payback. 

Samsung Soundbar Hw-q90r Value: 

In the first appearance of this product, it seems like an expensive product. But, once you test the capabilities of this product, you will find surprise value in it. It is perfect in terms of the money you are spending. If you want to get your own 5.1.4 channel system you can use the separate speakers. So, it makes it perfect for enjoying the premium subwoofer with better sound and less cost. 

Moreover, the quality is everything and Samsung has made sure that you fall in love with this soundbar. If you see its design, you will see a premium, matte and bold look. We mean just the way most of us like our soundbar to be. Then comes the durability and the manufacturing. We all can rely on Samsung manufacturing who has made this with the best and high-quality materials. 

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