Smartphone review Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro – 9 Most Important Impressions

This Smartphone Has a Moderately Pretty Design

We played around with the design to review smartphones well. Unlike Realme, which often dabbles with color gradients, the flight of imagination is more diffident here. But all the same, the glossy insert on the back cover may seem too gawky to someone.

Otherwise, xiaomi POCO X3 Pro is an ordinary modern smartphone without any special design delights.

It will be available in three colors – black (we visited this one), blue and bronze.

The camera block at the back looks neat and overall pretty. Especially against the background of typical solutions in this area, which can be observed in most competitors.

The Size of the Xiaomi Poco X3 pro Will Scare Someone Away

This is an important point. xiaomi POCO X3 Pro is a large and weighty smartphones. Its dimensions are 165.3 × 76.8 × 9.4 mm, and its weight is already 215 g.

Against its background, the iPhone 12 Pro Max seems to be quite “slender”.

Tip – do not blindly order  xiaomi  POCO X3 pro online. First, find an opportunity to twist the smartphones in your hands, it may seem too bulky to you.

The Screen You Will Most Likely Adore

It uses a 6.7-inch IPS screen. Its resolution is 1800 × 2400 pixels. 120Hz refresh rate is supported. It seems to be “hurray!”, but we are talking only about the adaptive mode. Menus and interface and apps already adapted to 120Hz will be displayed at an increased frequency, but as soon as you launch regular applications, you will immediately get 60Hz.

The screen has a small margin of brightness, on a sunny day, you will have to cover it with your palm to see something.

But under normal conditions, the color rendition is pleasant (especially if you play around with the settings a little), the colors look natural, the viewing angles are great.

Powerful Hardware Without Question

We gradually got to the strongest side of the  xiaomi  POCO X3 Pro.

Inside there is a Snapdragon 860 processor. This is an 8-core processor (in fact, a slightly overclocked Snapdragon 855) paired with a slightly overclocked graphics accelerator Adreno 640.

Versions with 6 and 8 GB of RAM will be available. The storage capacity can be 128 or 256 GB.

We’ve had version 6/128. There are no complaints about performance, but if you are considering the purchase as an investment for a long time, it is better, of course, to spend money on version 8/256.

The smartphone review is responsive and lightning fast. Any games run without problems at high settings. Perhaps, in direct comparison, some “heavy” toys will be somewhat better on the flagships of 2021. But overall, the performance of the  xiaomi  POCO X3 Pro for its value is impressive.

Xiaomi Poco X3 pro Has Painfully Familiar Software

The xiaomi poco x3 pro precio boasts Android 11, on top of which is the POCO Launcher, which is essentially just a light MIUI modification.

Therefore, if you are switching from another Xiaomi smartphones, then you will feel at home. When switching from other “androids” there will be no problems either, I think.

Face Recognition and Fingerprint Scanner at Altitude

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This is where POCO X3 pro just needs to be praised. Although face recognition is not done with 3D sensors, but only with the front camera, the function is fast and clear. Its effectiveness decreases only in poor lighting conditions. In the twilight of the room, where the only light source is the TV on, xiaomi poco x3 pro precio does not always “recognize” the owner, unlike the iPhone.

The fingerprint scanner is built into the power button on the side, it works quickly and practically flawlessly.

It’s nice that you can enable the mandatory press function in the settings. By default, it is off, and the smartphone will try to scan your fingerprint whenever you touch any part of your finger. This is also a critical smartphone review

Let’s just say xiaomi POCO X3 Pro has a camera here

The POCO X3 Pro has a four-module system. The main sensor is 48 MP with phase detection autofocus. There are an ultra-wide-angle module (8 MP) and two 2 MP sensors (macro and depth sensor).

The POCO X3 Pro camera shoots in about the same way as all modern smartphones of this class.

On the street in sunny weather, the pictures are quite decent. Quite mediocre, but I don’t want to criticize.

At night, the pictures come out with very high contrast and surprisingly clear in the light areas, but the dark areas of the picture are “clogged” with noise. The night mode in the camera settings does not help much.

In a word, POCO X3 Pro shoots above average for its price category.

Autonomy Will Not Disappoint

The built-in battery has a capacity of 5160 mAh.

With fairly active use (but no games), the xiaomi POCO X3 Pro works quietly for two days. Games and videos “without end and edge” can discharge the smartphone by the evening of the first day. Supports 33W fast charging.

If the xiaomi poco x3 pro precio is completely discharged, then using the included charger it can be charged up to 100% in about an hour and 10-15 minutes. In this case, the first 50% of the charge “flies” into the smartphone in about 30-35 minutes.

Nice Price of Smartphones

Prices for POCO X3 Pro start at UAH 7499 for the 6/128 GB version and reach UAH 8400 for the 8/256 version.

For that kind of money, the characteristics here are very impressive. This is one of the best deals in its class.

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