The End Of Apple Has Begun

The End Of Apple Has Begun

No one anticipated the shocking news Apple CEO Tim Cook was about to deliver when he took the stage this September…

The end of apple has begun In addition to unveiling the new iPhone 11, Apple [AAPL] announced the iPhone 11 X. Yet the camera with three lenses and the lustrous finish were not enough to win the show. The price tag on the phone was to blame.

A price cut for Apple’s iPhone 12 has never been seen before. This was an act of desperation by Apple, and it may mean the end of its dominance as a company.

The End Of Apple Has Begun: Apple’s golden goose is the iPhone

With revenue of $1.99 trillion, Apple has earned a whopping amount since 2007. The thing is, half of these sales were generated by iPhones.

The end of apple has begun iPhones aren’t just Apple’s top-selling products. The product is also highly profitable for the company. According to PhoneArena, Apple earns $0.60–0.74 for every dollar an iPhone brings into the company. Apple’s most profitable laptop, the MacBook Air, only makes $0.29 per dollar.

letstechup provide information Apple today if it weren’t for the iPhone. Apple would not be more than a mediocre computer company such as Dell [DELL] without the iPhone.

It Was Apple Who Found a Way to Extend the iPhone’s Lifecycle

Apple has mastered the art of extending the iPhone’s prime time, as I have written already. In an effort to offset slower sales and maintain revenue growth, Apple raised the iPhone prices.

Take a look at the price of an iPhone 4 in 2010. Apple’s most expensive phone in 2017 cost $849 for the iPhone 8 and $1,149 for the iPhone X.

Besides that, Apple’s revenues have climbed ever higher since 2011 because of the price hikes that kept its growth engine alive. Other than this, there exist certain reasons why Apple was forced to hike its phone prices…

The End Of Apple Has Begun: Apple has Lower Prices

Apple introduced the iPhone XR last September, a less-advanced and more affordable version of the iPhone X. The iPhone X costs $1,145, a 35% drop from $749.

However, the iPhone X was almost the exact same, just disguised as a budget model. It was really Apple’s attempt to boost its sales figures by introducing a smarts phone.

Apple took things a step further this year. Despite slashing its full-fledged iPhone price by half. As of the release of the iPhone 11, the starting price was $699, a level not seen since 2017. The last resort for Apple to boost sluggish demand, it did it. As a consequence, the iPhone business could be ending soon.

The End Of Apple Has Begun: wrapping up 

Do you see what’s happening here?

In addition to selling fewer iPhones, Apple is making much less money with each one. The iPhone, Apple’s lifeblood, is starting to falter, according to recent financial reports.

From iPhones, Apple generated 10% less revenue last quarter than it did the year before. An estimated $20 billion has been lost! The earnings from iOS devices have never been so low for Apple — and this will quickly show up in the company’s financial reports.

I want to be clear: half of Apple’s business is heading off the rails. In spite of Apple’s admission that the iPhone is dead and that they are exploring new business directions, such things don’t happen overnight. While Apple’s money-making machine grinds to a halt, the market is experiencing heavy volatility.

This is why I would recommend staying away from Apple stock, & someone may have warned you earlier as well.

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