what is a straight truck

Explanation of What Is a Straight Truck

If you are into logistics or transport you might wonder what is a straight truck. Well, it’s almost the same as any normal truck. But, you cannot remove the regular tractor from it as we can normally do. There are many benefits of having straight trucks as they are for moving furniture, housing supplies and heavy machinery, etc. Moreover, it has a similarity with the U-haul type trucks. 

People who want to move out of their houses can find these kinds of trucks to be very helpful. But, it is still a better choice for many other reasons. You might have seen these trucks in your neighborhood when someone moves out or moves in. It has a garage-like backdoor that slides up from the bottom. 

A fun fact is that it can hold up to 33,000 pounds of stuff on average. The weight can vary based on the stuff transporting in it. If you wonder what is considered a straight truck, then you must know these trucks’ manufacturing is different from others. Straight trucks also come with detachable boxes in the back that you can remove easily. 

The Difference Between What Is a Straight Truck or Tractor Truck:

Tractor trucks are famous for their use to haul trailers and transport them to different destinations. They can learn easily that remove the tractor from behind and attach other trailers if needed. A straight truck on the other hand does not have a trailer and cant attach one in the back. It is more like a box that safely holds weight around. 

Moreover, straight trucks are quite cheaper than tractor trucks. They weigh different and tractor trucks have more space than straight ones. That’s why they can hold more items if they are in use for moving things around. 

What Is a Straight Truck Driver?

Of course, a person who drives a straight truck is a straight truck driver. But, what people do not know is how much these people earn? Not a lot of people consider this industry when it comes to the earning point of view. Truck driving has become an important part of the transport industry which has its own merits. 

It is tough that we can agree as driving big semi-trucks is still a big and hectic job. But the best part is that driving a straight truck does not require any Class A CDL. On average, the drives can earn around $30,000 a year. The amount can go as low as $20,000 to high as $50,000 based on the hard work. 

What Is a Straight Truck and How Long It Is?

Straight trucks come in variant sizes and lengths. So, it quite depends upon the brand you are choosing for yourself. On average the trucks can be 10 to 26 feet in length. The height of the truck is also around 6 to 8 feet. But, the actual length and height depend upon the brand and the model. 

Which Vehicles Count as Straight Trucks?

Many different vehicles count as straight trucks. It can include most of the UHAUL’s dumpster trucks, pickup trucks, and moving trucks, etc. The pickup or moving trucks should exceed the amount of 10,001 lbs. Some people also refer to straight trucks as the box, cube truck, and cube van, etc. 

What makes straight trucks so unique:

Many reasons make straight trucks so unique like:

  • On average drivers do not need to get a DCL driver’s license to drive straight trucks. As most of these straight trucks do not exceed the limit of 26,001 lbs so you get to drive them. 
  • The drives can spend time with their family as they get to go home daily. 
  • Trucks drivers can get a lot of benefits working in this industry and with good credibility, they can earn quite a lot. 

A lot of people also wonder what is a straight pipe exhaust on a truck. It is an exhaust system that requires pipes that starts up the exhaust headers of a truck. Moreover, it is an important part of the truck that can even hurt your engine.

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