What Is the Only Airport to Have a Terminal in Two Countries?

What Is the Only Airport to Have a Terminal in Two Countries?

You might be thinking that what is the only airport to have a terminal in two countries. It is one of the best fun facts and a general knowledge question. There is only one airport in the world that has two terminals. So, you might have heard from someone but you are unable to remember the name of the terminal. Of course, it’s such an amazing fun fact that people go there to see it. 

Many curious travelers around the world just live for this kind of stuff. It is the only airport in the world that makes it so unique. There are so many pictures, blogs, vlogs, and podcasts about it. It is quite a travelers place if you want to see something unique and class-apart. Terminals are an important part of the airport and they come in different styles. 

The size of the terminal depends a lot on the airport. You will see luxurious and stylish terminals as well. But, some unique airports make the terminals different than the usual ones. And, that’s what makes this airport one of its kind. It has always been the talk of the town among travelers and today we are going to discuss it. 

What Is the Only Airport to Have a Terminal in Two Countries?? The Story Behind it:

So, you might be anxious right now to know about this unique airport. Well, let’s get right into it without further delay. On the border of Mexico and the U.S. is the Tijuana airport. It is the only airport with two terminals for both of these countries. The terminal entrance can be through San Diego which is just around a 5-minute walk. This terminal is known as the Cross Border Xpress. 

Don’t you think that is the strongest terminal that runs across two countries? Well, that is a thinker as it divides the US and Mexico border connecting it. This airport has a reputation that matters a lot to both of the countries. So, you will find it way different than the others with unique terminals as well. 

Travelers who want to visit California from Mexico, South America, or China can use this airport. You can find great deals on the ticket prices as well. For travelers, this is kind of a fun airport to be where they can start their travel journey. With a pedestrian sky bridge, it has become one of its kind. The pedestrian bridge is on the top of the border of the US and Mexico. 

What Is the Only Airport to Have a Terminal in Two Countries?? Further discussion:

The above discussion shows that these are the reasons that Tijuana is famous. It is the first airport in the world with two terminals running across two countries. You can also say it is a bi-national airport that welcomes travelers and its nationals. The bridge is around 390 feet long which helps you to reach your destination quickly due to the bypass. Moreover, it becomes highly cost-effective for everyone to choose their routes. Also, read What Is the International Emergency Signal for Distress?

This cheaper way has made it quite popular among travelers. Therefore, they use this airport to travel to the nearest destinations around it. They have less prices on the tickets as well that you can get through deals and so much more. The best part is that there are regularly scheduled flights to and from the airport. You will hardly notice that the airport has less crowd. 

Know More about the Cross Border Xpress:

The world-famous Cross Border Xpress has cubist-style colors that make it so unique and creative. You will find people taking pictures on it all the time. Through windows, you can see the border while you are going through a pedestrian corridor. The designer of this amazing bridge was Ricardo Legorreta who was a Mexican architect. People still praise his work for the creative effect he added on the airport. 

Another fun fact that you must know is that there is an exact sport where both of these countries meet. It is also one of the favorite places of travelers to be. They can take pictures here and know more about its history. It is a hallway across the bridge. Some bilingual experts welcome you at the terminal. They can help you with anything like services for rideshare, shuttles, or rent-a-car. 

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