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What Was the Founder’s First ‘Working Name’ for Minecraft?

Minecraft is such a creative production that it has a huge number of players. Its users admire its eye-captivating graphics and love to play it. Its inventor is such a renowned person across the globe that he doesn’t go by only a single name. People know him by his different names and the same is true about his game Minecraft. The name of this game has evolved. That’s why it’s not a surprise that new users of Minecraft find it interesting to know its founder’s real name and the game’s old names. So, in this article, we’ll let you know “what was the founder’s first ‘working name’ for Minecraft? Not only his first working name, but we’ll also discuss what other working names he gave to the game as the founder of Minecraft. So, here we go.

Discussing What Was the Founder’s First ‘working name’ for Minecraft?

Minecraft founder’s real name is Markus Alexej Persson. He created the game Minecraft and found the Mojang Studios. He also goes by Markus Alexej. He’s famous on many social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Now, coming to the point of discussing the first working name given to Minecraft by its founder. Minecraft wasn’t originally called Minecraft. Your what-was-the-founder’s first-‘working-name’-for-Minecraft answer is Cave game. It was a game about mining and building. 

The name ‘Cave game’ didn’t stick around for long. Perhaps this name seemed too simple or perhaps this name seemed revealing. Nevertheless, after using ‘Cave game’ as a name for Minecraft, the founder changed to notch. He’s even famous on Twitter by the name @notch

Apart from that, Minecraft also had a subtitle that went by ‘Order of the Stone.’ The game is currently known by the name ‘Minecraft’ or sometimes by notch Minecraft. The founder of the game himself updated its name. 

Who created Minecraft:

You might also like to know more about the person who created Minecraft. He was born on June 1st in 1979 and he’s Swedish. He’s 41 years old and game developing is his major occupation. It’s surprising as well as admiring to know that he developed his first game when he was only 8 years old.

Text Adventure was his first game. Moreover, you might not be aware that he has a brother who is a painter. His brother helps him in painting some of his characters.

Markus Persson is quite a celebrity and is one of the best inspirations for many people who want to pursue a career in game development. The way he got successful so early in his life is a huge inspiration for young adults who want to be successful.

Apart from knowing “what was the founder’s first working name for Minecraft”, there’s more to know about Minecraft. Like what the original name of Mojang was. Mojang is the name of the website of the founder of Minecraft.

The original name of Mojang was Mojang Specifications. This name, Mojang Specifications, has stuck around for a while. But, it was soon changed to Mojang AB. Mojang AB stuck around till 2019. In 2020, it was again updated and now it goes by Mojang Studios.

Amazing facts about Minecraft:

Now that we’ve discussed all “what was the founder’s first ‘working name’ for Minecraft?” you might also like to know some facts about Minecraft. These facts are as follows:

  1. It took 6 days to create the first version of Minecraft called the Cave Game.
  2. It was on 18 November 2011 that the full version of the game was created.
  3. Minecraft was an inspiration taken from other computer games that included RollerCoaster Tycoon, Dungeon Keeper, Infiniminer, and Dwarf Fortress.
  4. The mobs from the land of Ender now have purple eyes but the original Enderman had green eyes.
  5. The crafting table in Minecraft was formerly called a workbench. The crafting table is the one where the players of Minecraft create many blocks and items.
  6. It cost 2.5 billion dollars for Microsoft to purchase Minecraft.
  7. Every month Minecraft gets around 126 million new players.


What was the founder’s first ‘working name’ for Minecraft?” is a most asked question and the answer is Cave Game.

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