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WhatsApp Web Is Asking Users to Accept the New Privacy Policy

Messenger WhatsApp web has reversed its decision to remove or deactivate user accounts unless they adopt a new privacy policy that will take effect on May 15.

WhatsApp web is now considered one of the most secure messengers. Well, more precisely, before the arrival of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

The people who created the messenger gradually left the company, and user data became more and more vulnerable. More and more scandalous hacks appeared, which gave Pavel Durov the perfect ground for attacks.

The European Edition of the next Whatsapp Web Writes about This.

The web whatsapp messenger, owned by Facebook, originally released an updated privacy policy in January. However, after a serious negative reaction from users, it was decided to postpone the launch of the version to February 8, and then until May 15.

Then the company stated that if the user does not accept the new privacy policy, his accounts will be temporarily deactivated. To activate the account, they must accept the policy. Despite numerous assurances, users have found alternative messengers such as Telegram and Signal in protest.

“After such a scandal, the company dropped its statements about deactivation. But warned that it would constantly remind users of the adoption of the policy”

Previously, NV wrote that the popular WhatsApp web messenger will now officially transfer the personal data of its users to Facebook.

This means that from now on, Its not only de facto but also de jure shares all the data on the correspondence of about two billion of its subscribers with Facebook.

Why is that bad? Well, if only because when buying WhatsApp web in 2014, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, promised not to influence the activities of the messenger and leave it to work offline.

On the Internet, as in life, you can pay for services. It’s just that somewhere we pay with money. And somewhere with personal information and the ability to show us targeted (or not so) advertising. Therefore, if you feel that some application is asking too much of you, you can always leave.

The Telegram Said About Whatsapp Web.

The developer of Telegram said that the main problem with WhatsApp web is the closed source code. Which the company allegedly deliberately hides. Pavel Durov suggested that the current leadership of whatsapp web escaner is doing this in order to hide the so-called. ” backdoors” – errors in the program’s algorithm that allow you to take advantage of a security hole in the application. And gain access to the desired data or user accounts.

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