Which of the Following Statements Is Not True about Cloud Computing

Which of the Following Statements Is Not True about Cloud Computing?

You might wonder which of the following statements is not true about cloud computing. Well, there could be a lot of them. Cloud computing has been around us for a long time. With a more efficient, cost-effective, and competitive approach, a lot of businesses still don’t use it. There are hundreds of benefits of using cloud computing in the business world. Even apart from the business world, it has so much importance. 

Based on an international study group, 69% of companies are using cloud computing technology. They are using it in one capacity or another based on their requirements. 18% of companies are thinking to implement this technology in their organizations as well. But still, some companies are way behind in implementing this technology that could be so beneficial. Do you know that companies who are investing in big data are enjoying more revenue than ever? 

Why do you think people invest in big data? Even they invest in cloud, security, and mobility. They are enjoying up to 53% more growth and revenue in the market. We always see some company way ahead and think about that how they reach there. What is the secret behind their success? Well, you might have to get on board with the cloud computing trend. 

Which of the Following Statements Is Not True about Cloud Computing?

So, let’s get into the question of which of the following statements about cloud computing is not true. Like we said above, there could be many statements. Cloud computing is important for a tech-savvy business and for those who want to become industry leaders. You can use this technology to run your organizations in a more efficient way. This is how the leaders of the industries serve their customers and earn great profit margins

So, many statements cannot be true about cloud computing. The most important ones are:

  • It removes the concern about data and systems security for businesses
  • Capacity planning 

Which of the Following Statements Is Not True about Cloud Computing? Further Discussion:

Well, these two statements can be tricky to understand if you are not into cloud computing. Capacity planning is not something that it can do on its own. You have to do it based on your data and resources. Moreover, the concerns about data and system security are never the problem of cloud computing. Why do you think companies hire IT security employees? Security is one of the most important things that you have to take care about. 

Take the example of cyberthreats here. There are a lot of hackers who can get hands on your data. So, it is important to ensure safety for your cloud storage. 

Why Cloud Computing Is Important?

Cloud computing has given so much benefits in the last few years. The demand of cloud computing has been exponentially increased. The use of data and its expansion into the digital transformation to get more customers have become much more important. Because of the transition of data to the digital media, cloud storage have become a basic necessity. 

There are also numerous benefits of cloud computing which are:

  • It is a cost-effective method that will save a lot of money. Saving your data on cloud will help you to make sure you don’t have to spend a lot of money on other resources. 
  • The immense security system you can get on cloud by security companies is amazing. They really makes sure that your system and data is secured by high-end tactics. There is no way any hacker can get to your data. For companies, their data is one of the most important things. 
  • Flexibility and mobility is one of the most beneficial things which makes cloud computing a good choice. Most companies who works on a global level cannot strive without it. 
  • It provides clear and accurate insights that can help you get much better results. 
  • It also provides increased collaboration and quality control. Quality is an important aspect of your business which can be done through cloud computing. 
  • If your data is ruined in a natural disaster, there is no way you are going to get it back. But, if it is on the cloud, it is always going to be there. So, you get the benefit of disaster recovery and loss prevention. 
  • You get the competitive edge and sustainability in the market. 
  • Moreover, we cannot forget about the automatic software updates.

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