World Box MOD APK(Premium Unlocked) Download v0.21.0

Package Namecom.mkarpenko.worldbox
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
Size124.97 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.4


If you want to put your vision to life in the shape of a game, then Worldbox Mod Apk is the game for you. The game is built on a simulation in which you may develop many different objects across the universe.

Continue reading the article to learn about features and download steps of World box Mod APK. 

World Box Mod APK – Explained 

Maxim Karpenko launched WorldBox, a mobile author’s 2D project, in 2018. The Worldbox Premium APK is a game that enables you to construct various objects around the globe. Everything in the game is under your control. Unlike other games where you can only utilize and develop on a certain piece of land, this game allows you to use the entire planet. It’s really similar to Minecraft.

Yes, you read that correctly. You have the ability to design a whole planet. Growing various plants and trees allows you to construct various structures and ecosystems. You may also create people residing on specified property and observe their everyday activities.

In the game, you may also choose who does what. You already know that you can make stuff in this Worldbox Mod Apk. However, the game is not only about creation. Once you’ve established a location and people are living there, you may test how they respond by sending UFOs, dropping bombs, and wiping out the surrounding place with an atomic explosion.

world box mod apk

Features of World Box Mod APK

Make a new world

Select the size of the land, the ratio of islands, the depth of the ocean, and the presence of random life forms. You may simulate a random universe based on the settings you choose. WorldBox lets you choose the depth of seas along the shoreline while designing the surface of your planet, offering options for shipping and sailing. 

Choose geography and climate to build deserts, fertile soil regions, woods, rivers, lakes, or mountains. If the player does not like his own invention, he can easily generate another map.

make a world

Construct Roads and Buildings

In the game, you have the choice of building several items. The majority of any land is made up of structures and dwellings where people will carry out various living activities. As a result, you may construct anything in the game.

A wide range of creative tools

To employ natural or man-made catastrophes, navigate to the Forces of Mass Destruction section. Furthermore, acts selected in the Laws icon can aid in the regulation of interactions between countries, peoples, and representatives of the animal world. International relations between established governments and animal behavior are solely determined by the player. 

The path of peaceful progress begins with the creation of colonies and benign ties between adjacent countries.

Magical Creatures to Send

There are several magical creatures at your disposal in the game. You may experiment with these critters by sending them to the land. You may create the desired environment for them as well as a suitable dwelling location for them in your globe.

Graphics and Audio

Given that WorldBox only has 2D images, there isn’t much to say about drawing details, rendering, music, and so on. It is a pixel game with numerous functionalities and the ability to operate on smartphones and tablets, which is its key selling point.

Free of Ads 

There are no advertisements in this world box contemporary upgrade. This game has no advertisements. While playing, people will be happy with the commercial videos. The most recent version is ad-free. However, the official version is ad-filled.

No Strategy Game

There are no laydown choices in this game. People may build, develop, and appear in whatever area they like. It allows users to have complete control over the world they create. There are no limitations, rules, laws, or techniques to follow when playing their game. This is a fun game that encourages individuals to experiment with fresh ideas.

No Strategy Game

God’s Enormous Armoury

Add to your armory a huge assortment of tools, both imaginary and related to natural phenomena. World Box allows you to create one-of-a-kind subterranean worms, acid rain, and even atomic weapons to dump on your enemies.

See how the small people deal with various creatures and animals. At first, a single bear will be enough to clear out one-half of the community. Even with this, the participants in your trials rapidly develop their technological prowess.

Select Your Hero

A hero’s duty in WorldBox Mods is to fulfill all of the activities that you want to do. You may pick from a variety of accessible hero options in Worldbox Sandbox God Simulator Mod Free Purchase. Because this is a thrilling journey, your hero will carry a wide range of weapons, shields, and other items.

Select Your Hero

How To Play World Box Mod APK? 

You have complete control over everything in the game. Because the Worldbox Mod Apk is all about creating and controlling things, you are the boss and will make all decisions.

The game has pixel-style visuals and relatively easy item construction. You will like the game since there are so many alternatives to pick from while designing and demolishing ads.

The roads and residences are ready for construction. You have the ability to send a civilization to reside on any territory you like. And after you’ve done that, you’ll want to make sure they don’t live in peace. As a result, you will need to send recurring issues to their territory in order for them to grow and observe how successfully they handle the circumstance.

How to Install World Box Mod APK? 

If this is your first time downloading a hacked or modified program from a source other than the app’s official creator, the following steps may be useful:

  • The download process will begin when you hit the download APK button and wait 20 seconds.
  • When it’s completed, open your file manager and browse to where you stored the worldbox.apk program file.
  • If this is the first time you’ve downloaded an APK file on your smartphone, it may prompt you for extra permissions. In order to activate the installation operation, go to your smartphone’s settings and then to the “Accept from this source” page.
  • Once the installation procedure is complete, the video game may be played.
  • To avoid problems during the installation, make sure to uninstall the original copy of WorldBox before installing our customized version.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

We have mentioned the steps to download and install Worldbox Mod APK above in this article. 

This game is virus-free and simple to install on both smartphones and computers. People have no troubles when playing, and the game has no negative effects on the device.

Yes, People easily install this game from the google play store, but that version is not modded. When people download games from the google play store, it is not given premium features. But when they get a game from our website, they get many premium features for free.


People in the world box simulator mod APK want to build numerous things, such as houses, highways, and valleys. They can select from a variety of heroes. People may get a lot of extra features for free in this game. 

They get a lot of free money and can do anything they want. Worldbox is ad-free, and users are not bothered while playing.

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