YO WhatsApp APK Download 9.50 Latest Version 2023

NameYO WhatsApp APK Download
Package Namecom.youappchaying.app
PublisherYo WhatsApp
MOD FeaturesNo
VersionLatest 2023 Anti-Ban (Official)
RequiresAndroid 4.1
Network required

If you have ever used GB Whatsapp, you must have observed that there are other similar versions available. YO WhatsApp is one such version but the reason why it has an advantage over the other competitors is that it gives complete security of the data and you will never lose information even if you lose your phone. Today, in this article we will further discuss why you should download YO WhatsApp’s latest version 2023, and what its latest features you will get.

So let’s get started.

How to download YO WhatsApp APK?

The process of downloading all such mod APK versions of WhatsApp is essentially the same. We will show you how to download the Yo WhatsApp APK into your phone for free and without worrying about security issues.

●, First of all, you have to search for the year WhatsApp mod APK latest version 2023 on your browser.

● During the search you will see that there are many versions available on the Internet and many developers are providing your access to the download process. Choose the latest version 2023 of YO WhatsApp and go for only a trusted developer website like ours.

When you arrive at the trusted developer website, you will be given a download link for the most recent version of YO WhatsApp APK 2023.

● Click on the download link and start downloading. You will also be asked to allow applications from unknown sources and you have to allow them in order to get access to the latest version.

● Wait for the installation process and you will get YO WhatsApp APK on your phone within a few seconds.


Here are some features of YO WhatsApp that you will get when you download the latest version 2023.

Best Emoji Collection

Unlike the official WhatsApp version, the emoji collection is remarkable and you will get emojis of almost every facial expression that is possible in the world.

Hide Last Seen  

You can easily hide your last seen while being able to see the last seen of others. This version is not available in other mod APK versions of WhatsApp or in the official WhatsApp version. You will easily be able to see what others are doing when they are online and simultaneously you will be able to maintain your privacy.

hide last seen

Ability To Send Large Videos  

As we all know that WhatsApp does not allow sending very large videos, especially if they are greater than 30 MB. However, when you have YO WhatsApp, you can share videos of almost any length over WhatsApp and it makes it simple for you to get in touch with your near and dear ones. This feature enables you to share amazing videos of parties, events or informative content.

Ability To Send Large Audio Files 

Just like you can send extraordinarily large videos, you can also send very large audio files with YO WhatsApp.

Change Font Style

There are no particular font-changing options on the official WhatsApp and other mod APK versions for WhatsApp. However, when you have YO WhatsApp, you will be able to change font style and sizes and can move from one font style and size to the other. It makes it super interesting to chat with various groups and contacts. For example, you can choose bold, italics fonts and can also go for particular fonts like Ariel, Calibri Cambria, etc.

Different Language Support

This amazing WhatsApp also allows you to communicate with others in different languages. No other WhatsApp version comes with inbuilt different language support features.      

Custom Wallpaper For Every Contact      

While using WhatsApp you must have noticed that when you change the wallpaper it gets changed for all the contacts. You may not be able to use custom wallpaper for every contact. The official WhatsApp version is also not providing you with this functionality. However, YO WhatsApp comes with the option where you can set a custom wallpaper for every contact. It is an interesting thing because it allows you to use a particular photo for every contact as wallpaper.

custom wallpaper

Send Full Resolution Image

Block Unwanted Calls

Better Privacy

As this WhatsApp has various options to hide chat, encrypt the chat, and make the chart archived or invisible, you can rest assured that it comes with battle privacy options.         

better privacy

Backup And Restore  

The amazing thing about YO WhatsApp is that you can back up all of your data if you change your phone. You will only have to connect your email for backup and as soon as you try to get your data back, you will easily be able to do that.                                       


You simply have to find the developer that provides you with a safe and secure download link. Click on the link and then allow application installation on your phone and you will get YO WhatsApp right away.   

Many features of YO WhatsApp are essentially similar to other mod APK versions of WhatsApp, such as GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, etc. However, the main advantage that YO WhatsApp gives you is that it does not delete your data. For example, if you lose your phone, the data in your GB WhatsApp account might be lost. However, when you have YO WhatsApp, you will get all the previous data back when you change the phone. It means YO WhatsApp can keep your data safe and secure, and you are not at risk of losing it.

Yes, YO WhatsApp allows anti-delete status. You can also view other people’s status updates, even if they have deleted them. 


Now you have read all about YO WhatsApp and its amazing features. It is time to download it and make the best use of its features. The best part is that it preserves your data and lets you communicate with others without any limits. Whether you want to share very large videos or want to communicate without letting others know that you can watch their statuses and last seen, you need YO WhatsApp Latest Version 2023.

If you are already using YO WhatsApp, do not forget to update to the latest version and enjoy great functionality.           

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